Prior to the KBO draft, a tryout was held to test the skills of overseas players.
Jin Woo-young, a pitcher from the Kansas City Royals, received a lot of attention in various stories.
Reporter Kim Han-joon reports.

On the muddy mound due to inclement weather, throw the ball with all your might.

Every time the ball is hit with the catcher’s mitt, the eyes of the scouts from the 10 clubs become fierce.

This is Jin Woo-young, a former Kansas City pitcher who throws up to 150 km.

▶ Interview: Wooyoung Jin / Pitcher, Paju Challengers
– “It wasn’t good because it was raining, but I did my best. It may not be perfect, but I’m satisfied.”

Jin Woo-young, who went straight to the United States after graduating from high school, was notified of his release two years ago amidst the misfortune of the minor leagues being suspended due to Corona 19.

However, he did not get frustrated, returned to Korea, and after solving military problems, he joined an independent club and even became MVP.

▶ Interview: Jin Woo-young / Paju Challengers Pitcher
– “(At the time) I was embarrassed and sad, but I ate hard, solved my military problems, and continued to exercise while waiting for the draft day…”

Hanwha’s bullpen catcher Do Seung-hyun also threw a challenge.

In the open cheering of my older sister, who is an SSG cheerleader, I wished to stand on the ground instead of the bullpen.메이저놀이터

▶ Interview: Do Seung-hyeon / Hanwha Eagles bullpen catcher
– “When I see (Choi) Jae-hoon hyung catching bases or (Park) Sang-eon catching bases, I think I’ll be able to shoot like that if I work hard…. I’m ready to not give up until the end…. “

The fate of those who did not give up and knocked on the wall of the pros will be decided in the rookie draft on the 14th of next month.

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