The goal of the LG Twins is clear. It is the Korean series championship.

After the second combined championship in 1994, they have not won for 28 years. It has already been 20 years since 2002 was the last time I stepped on the Korean series stage. Last year, with 87 wins, the LG club set the record for the most wins in a season, ranked second in the regular season and went straight to the playoffs, but collapsed with 3 consecutive losses after 1 win to Kiwoom Heroes and failed to make it to the Korean Series. After careful consideration, LG decided not to renew the contract with manager Ryu Ji-hyun, and appointed director Yeom Gyeong-yeop as the new command tower. It was an action taken to win.

However, power reinforcement failed. I couldn’t invest properly because of the salary cap that was applied from this season. The main catcher Yoo Kang-nam and the fourth hitter Chae Eun-seong had to be let go. Kang-nam Yoo signed a contract with the Lotte Giants for 8 billion won for 4 years, and Eun-seong Chae signed a contract with the Hanwha Eagles for 9 billion won for 6 years. It took 17 billion won to catch the two, but it was not available. Instead, they closed the free agency market by recruiting Park Dong-won for 6.5 billion won over four years to reinforce catchers. Other than that, there were no other external reinforcements. As a result, it should be seen that last year’s power was negative.

Last year, foreign batters showed extreme sluggishness, so if Austin Dean, who was recruited this time, achieved good results, this would also be a reinforcement compared to last year, but it is still unknown whether Dean will succeed.

In the end, it is necessary for the promising players who have been nurtured to play an active role. Moon Bo-kyung (23) and outfielder Moon Seong-joo (26), who established themselves as the starting pitchers last year, should be able to continue their good batting this season. Moon Bo-gyeong surpassed veteran Kim Min-seong and foreign batters with an outstanding batting average of 301.5 li (128 hits in 406 bats). Moon Seong-ju also showed good batting enough to compete with Lee Jung-hoo for the out-of-the-field batting title until the middle of the season, recording a batting average of 3.3 and an on-base percentage of .

Uta geopo prospects are also notable. Coach Yeom plans to use Lee Jae-won (24), a great prospect, to replace Chae Eun-seong as first baseman. Last year, he hit 13 home runs, proving his long-running power. Song Chan-eui (24), who was a member of Geelong Korea and showed good batting performance in the Australian league, will also have a chance as a multi-player capable of defending in and outfield.

On the mound, young players are the main focus. Kim Yun-sik (23), who won 8 wins last year and played a big role in the second half of the year and was also on the WBC national team, will be the third starter following foreign pitchers Casey Kelly and Adam Plutko. Lee Min-ho (22), who has grown as a starting pitcher since his debut in 2020 and won 12 wins last year, will also be the 4th starter. In the end, young players have to show their skills as expected for LG’s starting rotation to work stably.

Kim Hyeon-soo, Oh Ji-hwan, Park Hae-min, Seo Geon-chang, and other veterans and young young guns must create synergies to challenge for the championship. LG has been steadily focusing on nurturing and nurturing players, and recently it has been paying off. And only when the maximum performance of this season is displayed can you achieve your dream of winning. 메이저놀이터

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