Samsung has been on a winning streak for the first time in a long time. The content is more welcome. He won without giving up a single point. It’s been two years. Although they are still having a difficult season, it is a winning streak that could be a sign of a ‘rebound’.

Samsung won 7-0 in the last game of the 2023 KBO League regular season NC held at Changwon NC Park on the 9th and the weekend of the 3rd consecutive weekend.

Starter Albert Suarez won 3 wins (7 losses) of the season with a quality start (QS) of 6 innings, 3 hits, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and no runs. Left-handers Lee Seung-hyun, Kim Tae-hoon and Choi Ji-gwang each pitched one scoreless inning. Total 3 innings no hit.

The batting line scored 7 runs with 13 hits. Jose Pirella scored 3 hits and 1 RBI, Kang Han-ul and Kim Seong-yoon both scored 2 hits and 2 RBIs. Lee Jae-hyun also produced 2 hits and 1 RBI.

Even in the game on the 8th, Samsung laughed. It was an 8-0 win. David Buchanan showed off his Quality Start Plus (QS+) perfect pitch with 2 hits, 2 walks and 5 strikeouts in 7 innings. Lee Jae-ik and Jang Pil-joon added one scoreless inning each.

In the other lineup, Pirella produced 2 hits and 3 RBIs, including a home run, and Lee Jae-hyun added 1 hit and 2 RBIs. Kim Seong-yoon and Koo Ja-wook each scored 2 hits and 1 run, and transfer student Ryu Ji-hyuk also scored 1 hit and 1 RBI.

2 wins in a row It was the first consecutive win in 28 days since the two consecutive victories against Daegu Lotte on June 10-11. For three weeks from June 13 to July 2, he only won one win a week. They also had to listen to the sarcasm of ‘Sunday Lions’ while only winning on Sunday.

I finally broke this flow. I was swept by Doosan in three consecutive matches during the week. It was Pohang, which was called the ‘promised land’, but it was not on Samsung’s side. It has become a victim of Doosan’s winning streak.

The Changwon NC game on the 7th was canceled due to rain, and the game was played for two days on the 8th and 9th. Caught all of this game. The expedition series ended happily.

there is another It is a ‘youngbong-win’ for two consecutive games. Starters Buchanan and Suarez combined for 13 scoreless innings, and all five bullpens also raised one scoreless inning each. There was no reason to lose as the batting line exploded.

The last time Samsung won two consecutive scoreless victories has to go back to the 2021 season. On September 25-26, 2021, I won 1-0 in a row against Daegu NC. 651 days passed and the same result was obtained. It is also ironic that the opponent is NC.

Even if the standard is lowered by one run in two consecutive games, it will be the same as before. On May 6-7, 2022, Sajik won 5-0 and 4-1, respectively, against Lotte. In 428 days, he made a ‘game with less than one run in a row’.

The pitching balance was perfect. This is the part that Samsung needs the most right now. It was strangely twisted. Injured people followed one after another. Ja-wook Koo, who had good pace at the time, returned after a long absence due to a hamstring injury. Ja-wook Koo and Jae-il Oh left due to a hamstring injury.

Before the season, Kim Hyun-joon and Kim Jae-seong fell out, and they started the season holding a hole. Director Park Jin-man expressed his anticipation, saying, “I think it will be complete in June.” However, until now, Samsung has not been perfected.

The pitcher’s side was also disappointing. Finisher Oh Seung-hwan is not as good as before. The season ERA reaches 4.80. Woo Kyu-min also had an average ERA of 5.24. They were the most reliable veteran duo last year, but not this season.

Other pitchers can’t give you faith alone. Left and right Lee Seung-hyun both have an average ERA of 4 points, and other cards such as Hong Jeong-woo are not good either. At least Yang Chang-seop played a good fight in the bullpen, but recently it has been twisted. Kim Tae-hoon, who was brought in as a trade, is also not good.토토사이트

He had to break the not-so-good flow somehow. What was needed most was victory. Furthermore, ‘winning consecutively’ was important. I did it in one month. Even the content was good. That’s a nice part.

Samsung is still in last place. They are 5.5 games behind 9th place Hanwha. The first lowest place in the establishment may become a reality. need a rebound For this, the most necessary conditions have been filled. It can be the starting point of a counterattack. It should be. 

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