Daegu Korea Gas Corporation and Wonju DB, a showdown between busy teams. Both teams will face off for the fourth time in the season, desperate for a win to advance to the mid-level.

▶Wonju DB (14 wins, 20 losses, 8th place) vs Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (13 wins, 19 losses, 9th place) @
Wonju Gymnasium / SPOTV, SPOTV ON -Second air supremacy, the key to winning or losing -Lee Dae-heon vs. Kang Sang-jae

First, the home team DB succeeded in turning the atmosphere around by recording 3 wins and 2 losses in 5 games after acting coach Kim Joo-seong took the helm.

In order for DB to seize the gas corporation, it is necessary to seize supply rights. DB’s average number of rebounds in 3 games before Gas Corporation was 30.7, revealing its inferiority to Gas Corporation, which recorded 32.3. DB’s average number of rebounds this season is 35.6 per game, ranking 5th out of 10 clubs. However, against Gas Corporation, he only caught 32.3 less than the season average.

DB, which has always struggled in the height fight, can bring the atmosphere only when it takes control of the air supply. This is why Kim Jong-kyu, Kang Sang-jae, and Freeman have to give their strength.

Against this, KOGAS succeeded in escaping from three consecutive losses by capturing Jeonju KCC two days ago. While Lee Dae-seong, Lee Dae-heon, and Murphy Holloway were active with double-digit scores, unfortunately, the driving force behind KOGAS’ victory was the rebound. Gas Corporation showed an overwhelming 40-32 against KCC. He only gave up 8 offensive rebounds.

Coach Yoo Do-hoon, who won the game at the time, said, “We have been falling apart in matches like this. I hope our players will realize what they need, such as concentration in the game and fighting for rebounds, through this victory. I hope the victory will continue from the next game,” he said, expressing satisfaction with overcoming his weakness.

In particular, for KOGAS, it is worth raising expectations once again in that Lee Dae-sung’s performance has recently been revived. Lee Dae-sung scored 23 points against KCC, leading the team to escape from a losing streak, as well as recording an average of 20+ points in the last 2 games in a row, showing off his presence in the attack. Ironically, however, Lee Dae-sung is recording the lowest score against a specific team, averaging only 8.0 points against DB.

It was Lee Dae-heon who showed the strongest aspect against DB. Lee Dae-heon averaged 17.3 points in 3 matches against DB, recording the highest score against a specific team. Conversely, the key is how to respond to DB, which has always struggled with Lee Dae-heon.

Meanwhile, DB and KOGAS are ranked 8th and 9th, respectively, without riding. The difference between KCC and 6th placed KCC, which is the last round of the playoffs, is only 2 games. The 4th round is also nearing its end, and both teams are desperate for a win. This is the reason why the 4th match is more important on this day. 슬롯사이트

Will KOGAS be able to create a winning streak by continuing its strong performance against DB? Or will DB run for a 3-game winning streak under the acting coach Kim Joo-sung?

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