2023 is the 20th season of Park Seok-min’s debut.

In the data on the 2023 team salary contract announced by NC Dinos on the 27th, Park Seok-min’s annual salary was 50 million won. Last year’s annual salary was 700 million won. 650 million won, a whopping 93% reduction in percentage terms. Park Seok-min’s record for the first team last season was only 16 appearances, so it is meaningless to look at his performance. The same goes for Park Seok-min’s annual salary measurement this season. For both players and clubs, it means more than calculating annual salaries based on performance.

Park Seok-min announced Baek Ui-jong’s intention to the club early on. He signed a free agency contract with NC for up to 3.4 billion won for 2+1 years ahead of the 2020 season, and the contract period ended last year. Born in 1985, considering his age in his late 30s, he is an age at which he may consider retiring from active duty. However, he wanted to extend his playing career and left everything to the club to determine his salary. The number of annual salary is not important, and his will to play more as a player is read. 안전놀이터

Now, there is only one goal left for Park Seok-min, even if he does not have to disclose it. It is the final restoration of honor. During his 20-plus years of professional career, he has had many honorable moments. However, it is not an exaggeration to say that the honor built up so far collapsed in an instant due to the painful times over the past two seasons after the violation of the Corona 19 quarantine rules.

Moreover, the fact that the team’s performance had fallen in the meantime made it even more difficult. NC, who lifted the trophy for the first time after its foundation with the combined championship in the 2020 season, ranked 7th in the 2021 season and fell to the bottom at the beginning of last year, and manager Lee Dong-wook was hardened, and then rebounded in the second half and was able to finish in 6th place. As a veteran, the arrows of criticism and responsibility toward Park Seok-min could not help but feel heavier. Even after the disciplinary action, he could not play the game normally as his physical condition and condition did not follow.

Now is really your last chance. New manager Kang In-kwon, who took over as official manager from acting manager, declared that he would give Park Seok-min one last chance. If he stays fit during camp, he’ll start the season as the starting third baseman. At least in the 1st team, you have to have enough physical condition to be able to play regularly, and you have to have good grades. NC is building a new team centered on young players, but the center of veterans is absolutely necessary. Election to extend active service rather than retire. This is the real last chance to make an honorable ending for baseball player Park Seok-min.

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