At 5 pm on the 23rd, Hanwha Life Esports won the ‘Western Challenge’ in the 3rd set match on the 4th day of the 6th week of the 2023 LCK Spring held at Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Hanwha Life Insurance (Kingen-Clyde-Jekha-Viper-Life) on the blue side chose Nar-Lisin-Akali-Caitlin-Lux, and for Ban, Lucian-Alice-Barus-Renekton-Jax was chosen.

Brion (Morgan-Umti-Karis-Henna-Effort) of the blue side chose Fiora-By-Rise-Ezreal-Karma and banned Ash-Maokai-Kassadin-Sejuani-Wukong.

The split-in-fighting combination of Brion and the bottom line, especially Hanwha Life Insurance, where Lux’s distance play is important, formed a somewhat different combination of flavors.

Brion acquired the Earth Dragon in just 6 minutes and attacked the bottom line one after another to catch the opponent’s ranged dealer Viper (Caitlyn).

Hanwha Life Insurance, which gave up a lot, aimed for the next move as a messenger. Around the 10th minute after killing the messenger, I caught Karis (Ryze) with Lee Sin and gave power to Zeka. Jeka won a complete victory by catching his opponent Umti-Effort (Bai-Karma) in a dragon fight just one minute later.

Jeka’s one-man show continued. 14 minutes into the game, he received the order to stop from his opponent Eomti (Bai) with his whole body, but he lived by performing ‘acrobatics’ with ‘Perfect Execution (R)’-commendation acrobatics. In the process, Karma (Effort), an Ionian colleague, also added a layer of heat to Akali’s acrobatics with ‘blink-ignition of cheering’.

Umti, who faced a 6,000 gold difference in just 16 minutes, raised her hand above her head during the game. It was obviously a stretch, but looking at the situation, it was like a ‘surrender’.

In the ensuing battle, Brion continued to aim for a gap where Jeka-Kingen (Akali-Nar) was alone, but the two players survived with a ‘short hair’ and swallowed the regret.

In the continued engagement, he even cut off the Viper, but in the 5-4 situation, the call to Baron was divided, and Umti (Bai) and Effort (Karma) were killed, ending in damage.

As a result, in the 29th minute, in the siege of the bottom suppressor, Hanwha Life Insurance, who aimed well at Morgan-Umti, who had been separated, won a clean victory. 카지노사이트

With the victory on this day, Hanwha Life marked its 7th win and moved one step closer to the top ranks. On the other hand, 7th place Brion’s ‘ticket to the West’, which stopped at 4 wins, went a little farther.

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