In 2018, when the Hanwha Eagles most recently stepped on the fall baseball stage, the team’s driving force was the ‘bullpen’. Veteran players, including Jung Woo-ram, were the main players, but Park Sang-won, who proved his value among them,메이저사이트 주소 was also a great addition to the team.

Park Sang-won, who was nominated by Hanwha in the 25th place in the 2nd 3rd round in 2017, played 18 games in the 1st team in the first year of joining, and from the following year, he took on a role in the bullpen and played more than 60 games in each season for 3 consecutive years until 2020. In particular, in 2018, he had a 2.10 ERA with 4 wins, 2 losses and 9 holds in 69 games and 60 innings.

Park Sang-won, who enlisted as a social worker after the 2020 season, returned to the team after being discharged in August of last year, but ended the season without any significant activity. In early October, he was expunged from his first-team entry before the final day of the regular season after suffering discomfort in his right shoulder.

However, this year’s Park Sang-won has regained his pre-enlistment dignity. He recorded an average ERA of 2.48 with 3 wins and 6 saves in 26 games and 29 innings this season, and is aiming for his first double-digit save in his debut.

Also, Park Sang-won did his part well, posting 3 saves in 4 games while his team asked for an 8-game winning streak. On the 2nd against Samsung Lions in Daegu, the team’s winning streak stopped at ‘8’, but on this day, Park Sang-won pitched in relief and completed the mission by shutting off the first inning perfectly.

What does Park Sang-won think of his recent rise? Ahead of the Samsung game on the 1st, “I am having a lot of conversations with catchers and coaches while researching how to throw my ball while giving pressure (to the hitters),” he said. “I try not to give it away. However, because baseball is something you don’t know until the end of the game, I will try to concentrate until three outs.”

At the same time, the name Park Sang-won mentioned is ‘Jung Woo-ram’. Jung Woo-ram, a veteran who has played in 982 games in total and has been on the mound the most in KBO League history, is a great source of strength for the juniors in the team.

Park Sang-won said, “For now, senior (Jeong) Woo-ram only tells me things like, ‘You can just throw the way you originally threw it, you don’t have to try to do anything else, and you shouldn’t be vigilant until you get 3 outs.'” Because I can’t copy it, I’m doing the part that I think is the most important as my seniors said, and I also think that’s right. That’s why the results are coming out well now.”

In addition, Park Sang-won said, “I am also a player, but it is difficult to pay attention to things outside of the game.” .메이저놀이터

Park Sang-won, who emphasized his gratitude to Jung Woo-ram, said, “I met many leaders and there were many people I was grateful for, but as a player closest to me, he spoke for me, and I think, ‘Wouldn’t it be thanks to Woo-ram that I have played in the game so far?’. (Lip service) It’s not like this, it’s the truth, “he smiled. Thanks to Jung Woo-ram’s advice, Park Sang-won is being reborn as a more powerful pitcher day by day.

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