It is not defined as ‘All-Star = Best Player’. It’s like that from the All-Star selection process. The proportion of fan voting is high, followed by team voting. Skills are important, but popularity is also a criterion for selecting all-stars.

So sometimes a player who made a big success is excluded from the All-Star. The All-Star Game will be held on the 15th at Sajik Stadium in Busan for the first time in 16 years. The batting champion, the on-base king, and foreign pitchers who are performing exceptionally well are excluded from the All-Star list.

On the 4th, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced the Cheonje list for the All-Star Game, including players recommended by the manager. Last week, the Dream (SSG, KT, Samsung, Lotte, Doosan) and Nanum (Kiwoom, LG, KIA, NC, Hanwha) All-Star Best 12 were confirmed by fan and player voting. And a total of 50 All-Stars for the 2023 season, including players recommended by the manager, were decided.

SSG Choi Jeong, who is looking to become the first MVP of his personal career with the first home run. Noh Si-hwan leads Hanwha’s leap forward. Most of the players with outstanding performances, such as NC Eric Peddy, who performed at the peak of his debut season in the KBO League, will participate in the All-Star Game. Kang Min-ho, Samsung catcher, has been selected as an All-Star 14 times, the most active players in this category, and is ranked second in history. SSG Pilseung and Joe Noh Kyung-eun faced the joy of being selected as an All-Star 21 years after his debut.

However, there are players who were not selected as All-Stars despite their outstanding performance. SSG outfielder Guillermo Heredia leads the division with a batting average of 0.333. He continues to play a reliable role as a right-handed hitter with both accuracy and power, but he has not been able to establish a relationship with the All-Star.토토사이트

LG starting pitcher Adam Plutko and outfielder Hong Chang-ki are selected as all-stars, which is a natural record. Plutko is leading LG’s high-flying run with an average ERA of 2.06 with 10 wins and 1 loss. In particular, Plutko flew with an average ERA of 0.84 with 3 wins and 0 losses in 5 games in June, when the all-star voting was in full swing, but he was not selected not only by voting but also by the manager’s recommendation.

Hong Chang-ki ranks first in this category with an on-base percentage of 0.447, but he is not an All-Star. 0.326 batting average. With a WAR (contribution to victory versus substitute: refer to Stats) of 2.83, there is no other outfielder with a higher WAR than Hong Chang-ki, except Lee Jung-hoo.

Doosan Raul Alcantara, who ranked second in ERA, was also not invited to the Sajik Stadium. Alcantara, who returned to Korea, is second in both ERA (1.97) and pitcher’s WAR (3.58). The only starting pitcher with a lower ERA than Alcantara is Peddy, and the only pitcher with a higher WAR is Ahn Woo-jin.

Of course, ‘a good player’ and ‘a player fans want to see’ can be different. Still, now in the KBO All-Star Game, pitchers and batters face each other with all their might. After the All-Star game, the team gave enough rest, and the atmosphere of a serious match was established. The head-to-head match between Lee Dae-ho and Ko Woo-seok in last year’s All-Star game was not enough to be selected as a famous scene. It is regrettable that the ‘best vs. best’ confrontation could not be concluded.

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