Samsung Lions outfielder Kim Hyun-joon completed a career-high season last year with a batting average of 207.05 (100 hits in 363 at-bats), 22 RBIs, 57 runs and 6 steals. Based on his experience last year, expectations were raised that he would show an even better figure this season. 

Did he say that life is a luxury? Kim Hyeon-joon was out of the game due to a fracture of the right hand bone ahead of the opening game and belatedly joined the first team. Is that why? Kim Hyun-joon, who met with reporters ahead of the Daegu Hanwha match on the 2nd, emphasized, “I worked so hard that this happened, but I don’t regret the past anyway. As I started later than others, I have to show a better image.” 토토사이트

Kim Hyeon-jun said with a calm expression, “It doesn’t matter because the team lost (getting 4 hits)”, although he completed a 4-hit game against Hanwha on the 1st. He, who has been active as the starting center fielder for the second year following last year, expressed his wish, “I am also the youngest, but it is regrettable that the juniors who play in the game (even though they work hard, do not go as they want) seem to be dying. I hope they do well.” 

Unlike his youthful appearance, Kim Hyun-joon is overflowing with fighting spirit. Thanks to his anti-war charm, he is popular among female fans. You can easily see female fans wearing Kim Hyun-jun’s uniform not only in Daegu’s home games but also in Samsung’s away games. 

Kim Hyun-jun, who is at the top of the team’s uniform sales rankings, did not hide his regret, saying, “I feel sorry for the fans and I have to win, but if I win, there will be more (fans wearing my uniform). I’m sorry.” Regarding his goal for this season, he said, “I want to not get hurt and always do well. There are still many games left, so I will try to help the team go higher.” 

Kim Hyeon-joon went 0-hit in 4 at-bats in the game on the 2nd, but made a big contribution to the victory by 1 point due to two lake rains in the 9th inning. Lead hitter Chae Eun-seong hit the fence and succeeded in jumping catch. Director Park Jin-man generously applauded Kim Hyun-joon, and Chae Eun-seong could not hide his regretful expression. 

It didn’t end here. With no runners in the first company, Moon Hyun-bin’s hitting ball was sprinted and dived to catch it. SBS sports commentator Kim Tae-hyung watched Kim Hyun-joon’s super catch and praised him, saying, “I thought it was a hit, but (Kim Hyun-joon) watched the ball to the end and caught it very well.” Oh Seung-hwan, who was on the mound, also gave Kim Hyeon-jun a thumbs up. 

Samsung defeated Hanwha 2-1 and succeeded in escaping from four consecutive losses since the game against Lotte on the 27th of last month. Starter Won Tae-in, who failed to add a multiplier even after achieving Quality Start Plus in two consecutive games, succeeded in hunting for a fourth win in the season by giving up one run in six innings, and Oh Seung-hwan stepped on the KBO League’s first personal career 380 save with one scoreless inning. 

Without Kim Hyeon-jun’s two super catches, it would have been impossible for Samsung to escape 4 consecutive losses, Won Tae-in’s 4 wins and Oh Seung-hwan’s 380 saves. 

Manager Park Jin-man said after the game, “The fielders also maintained their concentration until the end and showed fine play in defense, and especially in the 9th inning, Kim Hyeon-jun’s defense without sparing his body was able to bring the pendulum of victory.” Won Tae-in also expressed his gratitude, saying, “(Kim) Hyun-jun showed good defense and was able to keep one point.” 

Kim Hyun-joon’s two super catches were worth as much as the final stroke.

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