Manager Kim Seung-gi sees the future through the Lee Jong-hyun trade.

On the 1st, news broke that would surprise basketball fans. Jeonju KCC and Goyang Carrot carried out a 2-to-1 trade. KCC center Kim Jin-yong and guard Park Jae-hyun went to Carrot, and in return, Carrot center Lee Jong-hyun wore the KCC uniform.

When the trade is announced, as always, there is a debate about ‘who has more advantage’. So far, the prevailing opinion is that carrot is a loss. No matter how much he lost his prime, Lee Jong-hyun can be fully utilized as a backup center. A 206 cm tall big man is obviously a valuable resource.

On the other hand, Kim Jin-yong and Park Jae-hyun, whom Carrot gave away for Lee Jong-hyun, are somewhat less worthy of their names. Kim Jin-yong, who made his professional debut in 2017, only played 8 games in the first team. He plays primarily in the D-League and is a resource that still has a lot to polish. After joining Carrot, Park Jae-hyun plans to head to Niigata Albirex BB in the Japanese B. League.

However, director Kim Seung-gi of Carrot had a different idea. Director Kim Seung-gi said in a phone call with this magazine, “It is absolutely not a loss. It was a trade that was carried out at the rebuilding level. Our players need to grow to be able to produce results. That is the process now,” he said.

The situation is different from now, but coach Kim Seung-gi rose to the top after retooling during the Anyang KGC days. When Lee Jung-hyun, who obtained FA (free agent) qualification after winning the 2016-2017 season, left for KCC, he brought Lee Jae-do and Byun Jun-hyung through trade and rookie draft. Here, Jeon Seong-hyun has achieved a playoff victory in the 2020-2021 season as he grows stormy.

“Even during the KGC days, I succeeded by doing the same as now. (Lee) Jung-hyeon made a new board as he left. At that time, it was a 100% rebuild. I want to recreate a team like that. I’m sorry to the players, but I can’t help it. It’s a process of making for the team.” These are the words of director Kim Seung-gi.

Considering the KGC days, this trade is not difficult to understand. Head coach Kim Seung-gi traded with Changwon LG ahead of the 2018-2019 season. Instead of giving away Kang Byeong-hyeon and Lee Won-dae, he recruited Bae Byung-jun and Ki Seung-ho.

Director Kim Seung-gi harshly raised Bae Byeong-joon, who was on the verge of retirement at the time. Currently, Bae Byeong-jun is active as KGC’s main shooter. Kim Jin-yong, obtained through this trade, can be reborn as a swan through coach Kim Seung-gi’s training as he has strengths in mobility and mid-range shooting.

Director Kim Seung-gi said, “I know what style it is. Personally I don’t think it’s bad. Haven’t had a chance in the meantime. In the process of rebuilding next season, I plan to grow it through training or games.” 안전놀이터

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