BNK Some came from behind to win over Hana 1Q and confirmed the 2nd place.

Busan BNK Some won 83-76 in a match against Bucheon Hanawon Q in the 6th round of Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 27th. The win on the day confirmed the second place. The season record is 17 wins and 12 losses.

Ahn Hye-ji (164cm, G) led BNK Somem to a come-from-behind victory with her triple-double level performance. Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F) and Lee So-hee (170cm, G) also flew. Jin An (181cm, C), who left due to an injury early in the first quarter, also returned from the third quarter and played an active role close to a double-double.

1Q. Bucheon Hanawon Q 24-20 Busan BNK Some: One more time!

[Comparison of score trends between Hanawon Q and BNK Some 1st Quarter] (Hanawon Q is in front)

  • 6 minutes and 21 seconds before the start and end: 9-9
  • 6 minutes and 21 seconds before the end and 2 minutes and 7 seconds before the end: 11-2
  • Hana 1 Q Kim Ji-young 5 points, Shin Ji-hyun 4 points
  • 2 minutes and 7 seconds before the end (Hana 1 Q Yang In-young replaced) ~ End: 4-9

Hana 1 Q exploded 95 points in a match against Shinhan Bank Incheon on the 23rd. 95 points was the most scored in the 2022-2023 season.
Jeong Ye-rim (175cm, G) – Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G) – Kim Aena (168cm, G) – Kim Ji-young (171cm, G) scored in double digits, and Yang In-young (184cm, C) grabbed the most personal 16 rebounds. . Hana 1Q, which has the lowest field goal success rate in the league, reached 53% of field goal success rate in the match.
Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK Some, also said at the press conference before the game, “Hana 1 Q showed excellent performance in the last match against Shinhan Bank. We have to be careful.” He also said, “I told the players to stick to the basics. Defense is the most important thing. I came out with a lot of care.”
However, Hana 1 Q’s explosive power in the last game continued to this day. Shin Ji-hyun took center stage in the attack, and Yang In-young played an active role as the core of the defense.
BNK Sum, who was pushed by 9 points with 2 minutes and 7 seconds left in the first quarter, also launched a counterattack. When Yang In-young entered the bench, he focused on Hana 1 Q’s paint zone.
Even so, Hana 1 Q did not miss the advantage it once had. The outlook for the 2023-2024 season was bright. 카지노

2Q. Bucheon Hanawon Q 42-35 Busan BNK Sum: Resolving concerns

[HanawonQ Yang In-young’s first half record]

  • 17 minutes and 7 seconds, 13 points (2 points: 6/9, free throw: 1/2), 5 rebounds (attack 1), 1 assist 2 Block shots
  • Most points scored in the first half among players on both teams
  • Most rebounds in the first half among players on both teams (tied with BNK Somem Han Umji)
  • Most blocked shots in the first half among players from both teams (tied with BNK Somem Hanbyeol Kim)

Hana OneQ 4 times throughout the 2022-2023 season I had a hard time with the 5th position. Kim Mi-yeon (180cm, F) left due to an injury, and Yang In-young’s performance did not live up to expectations.
Hanawon Q coach Kim Do-wan said, “(Yang) In-young’s strength is that he is a mid-range jumper. However, he also has a downside of trying to do what he has to do when his physical strength is low. “I want people to experience the fun of basketball.” Yang In-young, who took the advice of manager Kim Do-wan, recorded his personal best of 16 rebounds in the match against Shinhan Bank held on the 23rd.
Yang In-young’s defensive influence was outstanding even in the first quarter of the game. He recorded only two blocked shots. Blocked BNK Somem’s attack on the paint zone well.
Following this, he was also active in offense from the second quarter. He was responsible for Hana 1Q’s goal with his excellent movement under the goal.
Yang In-young’s performance was excellent in both offense and defense. He perfectly solved Hana 1Q’s center concerns.

3Q. Bucheon Hanawon Q 57-50 Busan BNK Thumb: Trouble

[Hanawon Q Shin Ji-hyun recorded up to the 3rd quarter]

  • 21 minutes and 6 seconds, 18 points (2 points: 6/7, free throws: 6/7) 4 rebounds 4 assists 1 steal
  • Yang Most points scored by 3rd quarter among players on the team
  • Most free throws scored by 3rd quarter among players from both teams Hana 1Q,

who finished the first half with a 7-point lead, did not know that the momentum would stop until the 3rd quarter. Shin Ji-hyun committed the fourth foul with 8 minutes and 13 seconds left in the third quarter, but she was not shaken at all.
Hana 1 Q tied BNK Some’s score to 2 points until 5:48 in the 3rd quarter. Scored 9 points at the same time. ran away by 14 points.
However, Kim Min-ah (170cm, G) and Kim Han-byeol brought BNK Some’s pursuit flow. Mina Kim made two 3-point shots.
Shin Ji-hyun, who fell into foul trouble, returned to the court. Steady scoring put out the urgent fire.
However, Yang In-young grabbed his shoulder and stepped back to the bench with 34 seconds left in the third quarter. Shin Ji-hyun and Kim Ji-young also fell into foul trouble.
Hana 1 Q maintained its advantage until the third quarter. Yang In-young’s physical condition and Shin Ji-hyun-Kim Ji-young’s foul trouble remained a headache.

4Q. Bucheon Hanawon Q 71-71 Busan BNK Ssum : Reversal was allowed

[Hanawon Q-BNK SUM 4th quarter key scenes]

  • 3 minutes and 28 seconds before the end: BNK SUM Jinan paint zone tied with a score (BNK SUM assisted by Kim Han-byeol)
  • End 58 Seconds before: BNK Some Sohee Lee made 2 successful free throws (Hana One Q Kim Ana foul, 5 fouls sent off)
  • 14 seconds before the end: Hana One Q Go Seo-yeon made a 3-point shot (Hana One Q Shin Ji-hyun assisted)

4th quarter with a 7-point gap BNK Some started a fierce pursuit. Lee So-hee and Kim Han-byeol stood at the forefront of the pursuit.
To make matters worse, Hana 1Q faced a crisis with Kim Ji-young’s 5-foul exit. Cracks appeared in the tight defense.
Hana 1Q, who was chased by 1 point due to Ahn Hye-ji’s layup, took a breather with Yang In-young’s goal under the goal. However, with 4 minutes and 38 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Kim Ye-jin (174cm, F) fell into a team foul.
BNK Some attacked Hana 1Q’s paint zone with a 2v2 attack from Jinan and Kim Hanbyeol, who returned from the 3rd quarter. With 3 minutes and 28 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Jin An, who received an assist from Kim Han-byul, tied the score (66-66).
The first player to break the tie was Lee So-hee. With 58 seconds left in the 4th quarter, she made both of her free throws, which were earned by Kim Aena’s foul. Afterwards, Ana Kim’s mid-range jumper, which she tried with 39 seconds left in the fourth quarter, failed. Kim Han-byeol got another free throw opportunity due to Kim A-na’s foul, but only one broke the rim.
Hana 1 Q has only one chance to score. And, Hana 1 Q saved the last chance. Koh Seo-yeon (171cm, G), who was first introduced in the match after Kim A-na was sent off for five fouls, hit a 3-pointer with 14 seconds left in the fourth quarter. It was a 71-71 tie.
After the operation time, BNK Some’s last attack began in the hands of Kim Han-byeol. However, Kim Ye-jin (174cm, F) allowed a steal. As it was, the game went into overtime.

Extension 1. Busan BNK Some 83 -76 Bucheon Hana One Q : Dominating the goal

[BNK Some, 2022-2023 season Hana One Q opponents] (BNK Some is in front)

  1. 2022.11.05. @Busan Sajik Indoor Gym: 78-75 (win)
  2. 2022.11.19. @Bucheon Indoor Gym: 80-66 (win)
  3. 2022.12.11. @Busan Sajik Indoor Gym: 69-47 (win)
  4. 2022.12.24. @Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium: 74-56 (win)
  5. 2023.01.29. @Busan Sajik Indoor Gym: 82-68 (win)
  6. 2023.02.27. @Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium: 83-76 (win)
  • 6 wins out of 6

BNK SUM concentrated firepower at the start of the extension. Kim Han-byeol, Lee So-hee, and Ahn Hye-ji scored in the paint zone in order.
Hana One Q did not back down either. Shin Ji-hyun and Go Seo-yeon scored the following goals.
However, Kim Ye-jin left the court due to an injury, and Shin Ji-hyun also committed a foul in the process of preventing Ahn Hye-ji from breaking through. It was a five-foul ejection.
BNK Some, who took the victory, drove Hana 1Q. Han Eom-ji (180cm, F)’s breakthrough score widened the score gap to 5 points (81-76).
BNK Some, who dominated the bottom of the goal, spent time with calm game management. Han Thumb struck the decisive blow. 2nd place confirmed.

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