Two days before the trade deadline, LG Twins and Kiwoom Heroes made a major trade. Once players have been registered by tomorrow (31st), it is possible to register for the postseason entry, can another large trade be born?

On the 29th, the LG Twins and Kiwoom Heroes said, “LG carried out a 3:1 trade to Kiwoom for infielder Lee Joo-hyung (22), pitcher Kim Dong-gyu (19), and starting pitcher Won-tae Choi (26) in exchange for the right to name a rookie in the first round of 2024.” was officially announced. With this trade, LG succeeded in reinforcing the starting lineup, which was the biggest weakness this season. In addition, it is evaluated that Kiwoom recruited a large number of solid prospective resources while looking into the future.

Cha Myung-seok, general manager of LG, expressed his views on the possibility of additional trade through the club’s YouTube channel on the same day. General Manager Cha asked, ‘Is there another trade that you can think of within the deadline? When asked if he had any plans to accept a good offer from another team, he said, “Trade is always open. When a request comes, you should listen to it.”

Next, general manager Cha said, “There is another club that I have requested a trade from. This request was made before Choi Won-tae’s trade was concluded. But Choi Won-tae’s trade was recruited. …” After reducing his words for a while, he said, “Now we think that the trade we can do is almost over.”

From the standpoint of LG, which desperately needs a selection, it would not have been possible to look only at Kiwoom. General manager Cha said, “(Choi Won-tae) had one more thing to talk about in case the trade didn’t work out. “I couldn’t talk on the phone, but now they probably know about the trade,” he said. It is the thought of each club leader that it must be done. That is the current thought.”

Of course, since Choi Won-tae is already in his arms, the possibility of an additional trade seems low at the moment. Still, if the trade happens again, it’s likely to be another big trade with at least one starting pitcher.메이저놀이터

The one who welcomed Choi Won-tae’s joining more than anyone else was LG director Yeom Gyeong-yeop, the head of the field. Director Yeom met with reporters ahead of the game against Doosan in Jamsil on the 29th and said, “Recently, I couldn’t sleep at night because of the starting lineup, but it feels like the clogged blood is pierced at once.” . He then greeted, saying, “I am really grateful to the general manager and the president who made this trade possible in such a situation, and to the owner who allowed it.”

He also revealed plans for future mound operations. Director Yeom said, “Including Kelly and Adam Plutko, Lim Chan-gyu, Choi Won-tae, and Lee Jeong-yong will enter the starting rotation.” “If Kim Yoon-sik returns in the future, Lee Jung-yong will play the role of long relief. Also, on the day of the Monday game, 6 We need a selection, and the best pitcher among Lee Ji-gang, Lee Min-ho, Lee Sang-young, and Kang Hyo-jong will come out.” Coach Yeom expressed his anticipation, saying, “With Choi Won-tae’s arrival, the range in which other players can be used has greatly expanded. Also, the number of cards that can be matched has increased.”

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