Now, world football is going crazy over Elling Holland (Manchester City) ‘syndrome’.

The 22-year-old monster striker made his debut in the English Premier League (EPL) this season, scoring 25 goals in 19 appearances. Even compared to the 16 goals of Harry Kane (Tottenham) in second place, the gap is large. Haaland became the fastest player in EPL history to reach 20 goals. He is poised to break all scoring records in the EPL.

Many media paid attention to Andy Cole and Alan Shearer’s breakthrough of 34 goals, the most goals scored in a single season in EPL history. But the British ‘BBC’ was different. 34 goals is too narrow. This medium has a broader view. Before the launch of the EPL, all the history of the first division of English professional football was pulled out, and Holland announced that it was challenging a new record that had been held for ’95 years’.

The record for the most goals in a season in the first division of English professional football is 60 goals scored by Everton’s legendary striker Dixie Dean in the 1927-28 season. He scored 60 goals in 39 out of 42 matches. And he led Everton to the league title.

After scoring 60 goals, he was asked, ‘Can this record be broken? He replied:

“I think the record of 60 goals will be broken. But there is only one person in the world who can break this record. A miracle worker.”

Former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, who watched Dean’s performance at the time, said: 안전놀이터

“Dean is the greatest striker of all time. His 60 goals is the most astonishing record under the sun. Dean goes along with greats like Beethoven, Shakespeare and Rembrandt.”

It was a challenge to the miracle that Holland had been waiting for for 95 years. And it is taking one step at a time to rise to the ranks of great human beings such as Beethoven, Shakespeare, Rembrandt and Dean.

‘BBC’ said: “The scoring records of Dean and Haaland are similar. Compared to Dean and Haaland now in the 1927-28 season, both players scored in the opening game. Both players scored 12 goals in the eighth game. Dean After going scoreless in the last three league matches, he scored 17 goals in his last eight games to complete the 60-goal tally.”

The media continued, “At the current pace, Haaland looks set to break the EPL record with his 27th match. If Haaland plays every game, it will be against West Ham on March 19th. Haaland may not be able to reach 60 goals, but , but he has a good chance of becoming the first player since Jimmy Greaves in 1961 to break the 40-goal barrier.”

Lastly, the ‘BBC’ emphasized, “But if Haaland scores another hat-trick against Tottenham on the 6th, our thoughts will start to change.”

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