A British media outlet argued that Arnaud Danjuma could take Son Heung-min’s place if he continued his scoring streak.

The winter transfer window of the English Premier League (EPL) has recently closed. The most notable signings from Tottenham were winger Danzuma and right-back Pedro Poro. Both players are loan signings, but a full transfer option is included. 바카라

England’s ‘Football London’ predicted Tottenham’s best eleven for the remainder of the season. In the 4-2-3-1 formation, the goalkeeper was Hugo Lloris, and the four backs were Ben Davies, Eric Dyer, Christian Romero and Pedro Poro. It was expected that the newly acquired prisoner would be able to solve the problem of right fullback, which was a chronic weakness of Tottenham. The media said, ‘Poro can be much more threatening offensively if he plays as a starter. He evaluated that he can play an effective fullback role supporting Dejan Kulusevski, and can also make Kulusevski go inside through overlapping.

Pierre-Emile Hoivier and Rodrigo Bentancur were named in the midfield. He added that Papesar and Eve Bisuma have potential as backup resources.

Hischarlisson was placed in the front line, and Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Kulusevski were placed in the second line. The media said, ‘Son Heung-min and Danjuma can play on the left side, and Kulusevski and Lucas Moura can play on the right side. Kane could go deep to serve as a link between attack and midfield,’ he said.

Danjuma scored a goal early in his debut against Preston on the 29th of last month. General manager Fabio Paratici also said: “Danjuma is a very important player. He can be of great help to our team. He could have joined a big club in the last two or three years. We got a chance and took it right. It’s really good. My confidence must have increased a lot during my debut match,” he said happily.

In the match where Dan Juma scored his debut goal, Son Heung-min scored a multi-goal. However, the media said, ‘If Dan Juma continues his scoring streak, he may push Son Heung-min out. It’s healthy competition and good news for Tottenham fans.”

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