More than 10 children kneel down to wipe their coats. This is a scene from the 4 major tournaments, the Australian Open. They say they came because they wanted to play ‘Ball Kids’, but there are situations where they want to be too serious.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


No matter how hard I try, a moth slips through my fingers and I burst into laughter.

[Local broadcast: These days, ball kids must prepare pretty good skills.]

Catching bugs, picking up balls, handing them out, and even bringing towels and water is all up to the ‘ball kids’.

[Craig Tilly/Australian Tennis Association President: These children have gone through a rigorous training program and selection process.] The reason why they apply for

hard work and break through the high competition rate is because they also have the advantage of interacting with the players and making memories.

Federer and Chung Hyeon also developed their dreams while playing ball kids.

But it’s not heartwarming.

They are subject to resentment for not bringing their towels quickly, and are sometimes hit by a ball that travels over 200 km/h.

[Local relay: Chichipas, who shook his racket in anger, almost hit the ball kids. You should never do it like that.] It’s not

uncommon to get down on your knees and wipe your coat in the pouring rain, and that was the case this year as well.

If the game is delayed, we stay on the court until 4am.

However, unlike the US Open or Wimbledon, the Australian Open does not have a financial reward.

[Australia ‘Channel 7’ News: Are we living in the age of Charles Dickens? I have to reward the ball kids.] Unrequited

dedication in the name of ‘pure love’. 안전놀이터

The ball kids controversy remains another concern on the tennis court, where consideration and courtesy are valued.

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