Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom) returned to shortstop. Now is the time for Kiwoom to point out the ‘successor of Haseong Kim’ and fully support it.

After Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres) entered the major leagues at the end of the 2020 season, the genealogy of Kiwoom’s shortstop was unclear. In 2020, Edison Russell pushed Kim Ha-seong to third base and took a seat, but ‘exploded’. Then, from 2021, Kim Hye-seong started to be pushed in earnest.

Kim Hye-seong has successfully established himself to the extent of receiving the 2021 Shortstop Golden Glove. It was a symbolic event in which a top-notch prospect with an extraordinary ceiling in karate was reborn as a central infielder representing the KBO League. However, Kim Hye-seong did not become a full-time shortstop after that.

Coach Hong Won-ki, who served as defensive coach for this team for a long time, had a different idea. Kim Hye-seong is a good player, but I saw that he had clear advantages and disadvantages to play as a shortstop. Rather, he believed that he could maximize his strength as a second baseman and that the team would live.

Kim Hye-seong won the Golden Glove in 2021, but was the KBO League’s most errors (29) defender. A wide range of defense using quick feet, good catch ability, and sense of improvisation. On the other hand, compared to his strong arm, his long-distance throwing was somewhat less accurate.

Coach Hong believed that if Kim Hye-seong goes to second base, he will complete more double plays with his unique wide defensive range. The weakness of long-distance throwing can also be hidden. There was also an expectation that if the defensive burden was reduced a little, the potential in the strike would explode.

Director Hong’s decision was right. Kim Hye-seong became the second baseman Golden Glove in the 2022 season. He became the KBO League’s first shortstop and second baseman to win the Golden Glove at the same time. It means that the central infield has been leveled. Better this season. The second base defense is more stable, and the potential at bat has exploded. 7th in batting average (0.317), 1st in most hits (120), 1st in runs scored (73), 2nd in stolen bases (21), and 91.3% stolen base rate, ranking first among players with 15 or more stolen bases.

In a word, he has grown into the best central infielder in the KBO league, both as a ball carrier and as a general manager. However, a longing for the best shortstop in the KBO League was always squirming in a corner of Kim Hye-sung’s heart. Kim Hye-sung’s greed and pride in shortstop love are unmatched. This is the starting point of the evaluation of “a player who is always unsatisfied”. It is true that the flower of the infield is the shortstop.

Players must follow the coach’s instructions. That’s how Kim Hye-seong has been living as a second baseman for the past two years. It also ran fiercely and held his highest title. Of course, Director Hong also knew Kim Hye-sung’s inner thoughts. And this time, I listened to him properly. He left open the possibility of a comeback to second base at any time, but he is likely to be used as a shortstop for the time being. From the match against LG in Jamsil on the 1st, ‘Shortstop Kim Hye-seong’ made another sortie.

It is a decision based on the team situation. In the first place, coach Hong tried to develop a shortstop internally by using Kim Hye-seong as a second baseman from 2022. He had already secured several prospects. But no one was sure of a place. Crucially, in the postseason, there were continuous holes in the third interval. The future is good, but I have tasted the limits.

By re-recruiting Russell like that, we started this season with Russell-Kim Hye-sung. Unlike three years ago, Russell wielded a strong blow. It looked like it would solve the problem, but it didn’t. Russell had to resign due to an unexpected injury. When Russell was removed, last year’s shortstop Kim Hui-jip, who played third base, was replaced. However, even Kim Hwi-jip is out due to an injury.

In the end, I had the same concerns as the 2022 season. Uncertain prospects blocked the 3-way interval, and as Kim Hye-sung requested it, Manager Hong made a decision. Kim Tae-jin was in charge of the 1st and 2nd episodes when Kim Hye-seong left. The image of third baseman and outfielder is strong, but the main position is second base.먹튀검증

Kiwoom has to pay for long-term traffic control. He has to decide whether to stick Kim Hye-seong as a shortstop or use him as a second baseman. Going back and forth between the two positions is not a desirable picture for the team or Kim Hye-sung as an individual. Among the rookies, Kim Hui’s house is probably the most highly rated. In the meantime, he has been used as a third baseman, but the presence of Song Seong-moon cannot be ignored. If Kim Hye-seong is nailed as a shortstop, there is a way to use Kim Hui-jip as a second baseman later. The central infield, where defense is important, should be fixed for a long time. On the other hand, if Kim Hye-seong judges that the second baseman is right, there is no reason for the shortstop to have an affair for a long time.

On the other hand, even if Kim Hye-seong plays shortstop for all remaining games this season, there is no problem with becoming a candidate for the second baseman Golden Glove. According to the rules, it is more than 720 innings for the title holder or the corresponding position. Kim Hye-seong is highly likely to be the title holder, and has already played 784.2 innings for second base. His offensive performance is overwhelming, so even if he doesn’t play as second baseman from now on, there’s a good chance he’ll receive second baseman’s Golden Glove for two consecutive years at the end of the year.

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