Bench clearing in the Jamsil rivalry between Doosan and LG. Tensions were high.

The game between Doosan and LG took place at Jamsil Stadium on the 16th. In the seventh inning, tied 4-4, Park Kye-beom led off the inning with a double down the left field line. A wild pitch was thrown at him, and he quickly ran to 메이저놀이터 third base to make a safe catch. Yang reached on a fielder’s choice. Kim Jae-hwan struck out swinging, out at first 1b to ss.

With runners on first and third, Yang Seok-hwan came to the plate. LG pitcher Yoo Young-chan’s first pitch was a strike, and his second pitch, a 147-kilometer fastball, was turned toward Yang’s body and hit near his left ankle.

After hitting the dirt, Yang got up and glared at the pitcher. Catcher Park Dong-won stood in front of him and said something to him. This seemed to indicate that it was not intentional.

However, as Yang and Park continued to stand facing each other, players from both teams rushed toward home plate one by one. Despite Park Dong-won’s gesture of “no,” LG’s Austin reacted angrily and ran out from the bench.

As Doosan and LG players swarmed the field, coaches from both teams came out to stop them. The players made it back to the dugout in a short time without much fuss.

Then, in the bottom of the second inning, Kang Seung-ho’s mis-hit grounder was caught short by Oh Ji-hwan and thrown to first base, and first baseman Jung Joo-hyun made a good catch on the one-bound throw to preserve the 4-4 balance.

After the game, Park Dong-won said, “Yang Suk-hwan was hit in a sore spot. He said it wasn’t intentional, and he just stood in the middle so he wouldn’t make eye contact with the pitcher,” Park explained. “Suddenly, the players came running out from behind, surprised, and said, ‘No,'” he said.

Earlier in the game, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop stormed out of the dugout after a strikeout call to appeal the umpire’s decision.

Trailing 2-4, Doosan loaded the bases in the top of the sixth inning against LG bullpen Jung Woo-young with an infield single by Yang Ji, a walk by Kim Jae-hwan and a single up the middle by Yang Suk-hwan.

LG switched pitchers from Jung to Park Myung-geun. Kang Seung-ho’s grounder was missed by first baseman Lee Jae-won, cutting the lead to 4-3 and keeping the bases loaded.

Hong Sung-ho hit three foul pitches to draw a two-strike count. He check-swung at a four-pitch changeup from Park Myung-geun, but third base umpire메이저사이트 주소Jung Jong-soo called him out for swinging and missing.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop came out of the dugout and went to the third base umpire to appeal the call. Check swings are not subject to video review. The umpire’s call must be upheld. Lee’s appeal was unsuccessful, and he walked back to the dugout shaking his head. It wasn’t a swing. It wasn’t. It wasn’t even a swing on the slow TV replay. It stopped midway.

With the game tied 4-4, Doosan brought in bullpen relievers Seung-jo Lee and Chul-won Jung, but lost 4-7. Lee Young-ha gave up the winning run, and Jeong Chul-won made two errors in the eighth inning that allowed runners to advance to third base. This gave up two runs.

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