It was a night where Suwon Samsung’s response and Daejeon Hana Citizen’s consideration for away fans in emergency situations shined.

Daejeon World Cup Stadium where the K League 1 round 21 match between Daejeon and Suwon Samsung was held. After a fierce battle, an emergency occurred at the Suwon Expedition Seat when the game ended 2-2. A female fan collapsed with symptoms of hyperventilation. Hearing the news, the Suwon medical team quickly entered the stands. The fence between the pitch and the stands is so high that it is difficult to enter immediately, but with the help of away fans, we were able to cope quickly. In the case of breathing difficulties, if emergency measures are not taken as soon as possible, depending on the patient’s condition, it can reach a fatal condition, but the Suwon medical team moved quickly. The temporarily difficult patient was carried out of the crowd on a stretcher.

Daejeon, which hosts home games, also took great care of patients. The ambulance waiting at the stadium was moved to the nearest entrance from the expedition seat and the patient was boarded. It was not easy to enter because the surroundings were crowded with crowds leaving immediately after the game, but cooperation was carried out smoothly, such as the spectators who heard the sound of an ambulance entering the stadium. The ambulance that quickly picked up the patient moved to the emergency room of Yuseong Sun Hospital, which is closest to the stadium. Fortunately, the patient was confirmed to have been taken home without any major problems as a result of the examination.

Daejeon’s consideration did not end here. Since the patient was driving his own car, Daejeon directly recruited a substitute driver for the safe return of this fan, who had been an emergency patient a while ago. Although they are away fans, they spared no support for the ‘customers’ who visited Daejeon to watch the match. Thanks to Daejeon’s consideration, this fan is said to have returned home safely.

This match was literally a match. Suwon away fans,메이저토토사이트 the largest in the K-League, filled the away seats to give strength to the players exhausted from the midsummer heat. Maybe that’s why Suwon showed their back-and-forth at the last minute, trailing 0-2 and then tied 2-2, earning a valuable 1 point. Suwon, who secured 11 points with this victory point, narrowed the gap with Gangwon FC (14 points) in 11th place to 3 points. Since Suwon is ahead in the number of points, if Suwon wins in the next round and Gangwon loses, it is an interval where the rankings can be reversed. It was an emergency situation that occurred in a game of great significance to Suwon away fans, and the appropriate response of the two clubs, Suwon and Daejeon, prevented a major accident.

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