Young players exchanged affectionate glances after the match. Lee Jae-hyun of Samsung and Kim Min-seok of Lotte cheered each other while exchanging greetings in a friendly manner.

The match between Samsung and Lotte held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 28th, a confrontation between the two clubs that have used the same name from the first year until now. True to the name of the ‘Classic Series’, the two teams played in old uniforms.

In the starting lineup of both teams listed on the electronic board, there were many names of young players, drawing attention. Even though they are only 1-2 years old, they have young faces, but they proudly put their names on the first team stage and are recognized for their skills.

Jaehyun Lee and Minseok Kim are like that. Lee Jae-hyun is active as Samsung’s main shortstop this year, his second year as a pro.안전놀이터

Although the team is at the bottom, it hit 7 homers this season, and has the third most home runs in the team after Kang Min-ho and Pirella. He hit the most home runs of any shortstop in the league.

Rookie Kim Min-seok, who is called the ‘retired idol’, is also showing good performances and growing into an indispensable player in the team. Kim Min-seok contributed to the team’s 9-6 victory by hitting 3 hits in the game that day. Kim Min-seok’s three-hit game is already the fourth this season.

The inning ended with center fielder Kim Min-seok catching a ball hit by Lee Jae-hyeon vigorously in the beginning of the 7th inning, with Lotte leading 8-6.

Kim Min-seok, who was returning to the dugout after the inning, could not pass by Lee Jae-hyun, who bent down to release the guards worn on his legs, and greeted them with friendly skinship, drawing attention.

The unchanging performances of existing star players are also a spectacle, but the performances of new faces who shake up the league and embellish the ground are also enjoyable for fans.

From their high school days to the professional stage, the friendly moment of the two young players who became rivals in a rival team was enough to attract attention.

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