The coaching staff told me that there was no one on their team that could stop me, so that boosted my confidence, and I also wanted to prove myself in front of (Lee) Joo-young and (Lee) Chae-hyung on their bench.” Moon Yoo-hyun on his performance against Yonsei.

KU freshman Yoo Hyun Moon (181 cm, G) made his presence felt with 11 points and two steals against Yonsei University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League game at Hwajung Gymnasium on Nov. 25. Moon’s performance helped KU to a 62-45 victory over Yonsei and a 10-game winning streak.

“It was so special,” Moon said. It’s a blessing and an honor to play in front of such a large crowd, and I hope to continue to play well in front of cheering fans,” Moon said after the win.

Moon Yoo-hyun, who enrolled as a freshman this year, was in great form for her first match against Korea University’s biggest rival, Yonsei University. 메이저사이트 Up front, she shook up the defense with her speed and made her presence felt with well-timed outside shots, and on defense, she harassed the opposition’s main players, including Lee Min-seo and Yoo Yoo-sang, to give KU the initiative.

Moon Yoo-hyun talked about the secret of his performance against Yonsei. “The coaching staff told me that Yonsei didn’t have anyone who could stop me. They told me to think of the court as a playground and to relax. I was touched by their faith and wanted to repay them with a good performance,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the coaching staff.

“I saw Joo Young-i and Chae Hyung-i on the opponent’s bench. They were the main players who won the U18 Asian Cup, and I was on the bench at that time. I wanted to prove it today (Aug. 25), and to be honest, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t play. I want them to come back and play well. I’m always confident,” he said, ending the interview with confidence.

It will be interesting to see if Moon Yoo-hyun, who has been energizing the KU front line, can lead the way in defeating Yonsei even after the return of Lee Ju-young and Lee Chae-hyung.

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