“I really wanted to play soccer.”

Ansan Greeners striker Lee Geun-ho (27) was a promising striker. He made his professional debut with the Pohang Steelers in the 2018 season and received a lot of attention. However, he failed to make a soft landing in the league. An injury that plagued him caught him off guard. Lee Geun-ho’s participation in the K-League has also stopped at 2 games in the 2021 season. That’s how Lee Geun-ho is dreaming of a comeback wearing the second wife, Ansan uniform.

Lee Geun-ho met with reporters in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 6th and said, “I was injured with one month left before being discharged. I was really unlucky. He had a strong desire to come back quickly, and he never injured the same part while speeding up his rehabilitation. his heart raced He has only had two knee surgeries. His trauma was also severe. As he plays, the trauma naturally disappears,” he said calmly.

메이저사이트 He never watched a football game while he was in surgery. The K-League was the same. Lee Geun-ho said, “When I saw soccer, I really wanted to play soccer. These days, I’m watching soccer again,” he said. “I’m dedicated to soccer. He’s only taking his time to do better. In fact, he doesn’t even want to go on vacation. All my focus is on football,” his eyes twinkled. His mentality, which was considered his weakness, is also getting stronger. Lee Geun-ho said, “(Lee) Dong-guk hyung once said to me, ‘I have a lot of things and everything is good, but my mentality is weak’. As he matures, his mentality seems to get stronger,” he laughed.

Lee Keun-ho said, “I think I need to score at least 10 goals” to say the words “resurrection” and “revival.” He said, “The director has very high expectations for me. If he scores around 10 goals, I think he can still be said to have made a comeback. I want to play as many games as possible, and I set a goal of 20 attack points. He thinks he can do that if he runs steadily without getting hurt. If I score a comeback goal, I haven’t imagined it, but I think it will be thrilling.”

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