Iannis Ziku, a former Romanian footballer who played as a K-League player for the Pohang Steelers and Gangwon FC in the past, predicted Dan Petrescu’s success on the Korean stage, who is expected to be appointed as the head coach of Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Jeonbuk is appointing Romanian coach Petrescu as its head coach, where Kim Sang-sik has stepped down and is vacant. According to Romanian media, if the Korean work visa problem is resolved, he will break up with CFR Cluj, who is currently in charge, take the helm of Jeonbuk without any problems, and will be able to enter Korea as early as the 12th.

Meanwhile, Ziku drew attention 스포츠토토 by mentioning Petrescu’s leadership and Jeonbuk’s environment in an interview with Romanian media Digi Sport.

Ziku, who was also in the spotlight for his career as a ‘inter Milan’ when he entered the K League, said of Petrescu, “He is a perfect leader.” His teaching style, which is strictly applied inside and outside the pitch, is the favorite of Koreans. Petrescu is the type of leader who works without a break for a moment, he said, “It really suits the tendency of Koreans.”

In addition, Ziku said, “Petrescu has been a leader in China twice in the past,” adding, “I will easily adapt to Korea.” And I think that’s why Jeonbuk chose Petrescu,” he said, adding that he will be able to easily adapt to the Asian stage. “Jeonbuk is a team with extraordinary environmental conditions that are more than just a European club. “This is not an exaggeration,” he said, introducing the advantages of Jeonbuk, which has the best infrastructure in the K League.

Meanwhile, Petrescu is expected to enter Korea during the A match week to identify Jeonbuk players and focus on the upcoming K-League match. Jeonbuk recorded 7 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses (24 points) in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023, which ended in the 17th round, and is currently ranked 7th.

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