Gen.G, which is challenging for a 7-game winning streak, meets kt Rolster, which has risen to the max by defeating DK.

On the 11th, Gen.G and kt Rolster will face off in the 2nd match of the 4th week and 4th day of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)’ Spring Split, which will be held at Lol Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Gen.G and DK, who are tied for first place with T1 with 6 wins, 1 loss, and +8 points, recorded their first consecutive win in the split, and kt Rolster, which has risen to the mid-table, will fight fiercely to continue their momentum.

After the defeat on the opening day, Gen.G sounded a series of victories and recorded good results even when the bottom member changed. In particular, Soo-Hwan “Faze” Kim is perfectly carrying out his duties despite his debut season in the LCK, and Joong-Hwan “Delight” Yoo is also shaky during the laning stage, but he contributes greatly to teamfights and control of the field of view in the mid-game. Choi “Doran” Hyeon-jun, “Peanut” Wang-ho Han, and “Chovy” Jeong Ji-hoon also boast a healthy form, and Choi Hyun-joon, in particular, is emitting a top-notch force, leading the team to victory with clutch play whenever the team stumbles.

Following the Brion match, KT showed its potential to rise to the ranks of a strong team by catching Dplus Kia (DK), which was mentioned as one of the leading candidates for the championship. The first set given to DK was also overturned by a single mistake, and the two following sets showed a game that was close to crushing.

The fact that ‘Ki-in’ Ki-in Kim’s performance has improved is a big boon to KT. In the Nar-Jacks composition, Kim Ki-in showed the ability to overwhelm Kim “Kanna” Chang-dong no matter which side he caught. It was a game that showed how well the top can play in a meta where the bottom is still important.

It’s a game worth paying attention to in every position, but if it’s a point to watch, it’s definitely the top. The power struggle between Gen.G’s Choi Hyeon-jun and KT’s Ki-in Kim, who show off their skills enough to dominate the game, is expected to have a great impact on the flow of the game. 메이저사이트

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