Bitgoeul, which had been hesitant due to the drizzle, has expanded.

On the 13th, the first game of a two-game series between the KIA Tigers and Lotte Giants will be held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju.

However, the drizzle that began to fall just before the start of the game was a problem. A thin line of rain covered the baseball field. The audience all held up their umbrellas. With 15 minutes left before the game started, the referee ordered the ground to be covered with a tarp. At that moment, it became impossible to hope for a regular start at 6:30 p.m.

The problem is that according to the weather forecast, the rain clouds become more dense as the night deepens. Judging by the naked eye, if the game had started on time, there would have been no major problems in continuing. This is a disappointing part of the management.

However, the referee may have considered ground protection as a top priority. The Gwangju game will be held not only on this day but also the next day. If the game is canceled on this day, according to regulations, it will be played as a double header the next day. There is no way the referees want a double header.스포츠토토

KBO has decided that if a game is canceled after the 8th due to rain, etc., it will first be organized on a reserve day according to the previously announced schedule, and if there is no reserve date, it will be reorganized according to the matchup the next day. If the next day is the same match, it will be a double header. Otherwise, it will be a double header on the second day of the same match or a later schedule.

KIA had played 115 games as of the previous day, playing the fewest games among the 10 KBO teams. Therefore, there are no reserve days left. The team is hoping to proceed with the game.

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