The Rockets could trade their draft pick.

The Athletic’s Houston Rockets reporter Kelly Iko reported on the Rockets’ offseason situation on Monday (Nov. 28).

The Rockets went 22-60 this season, finishing at the bottom of the Western Conference for the third straight year. The problem was more than the record, it was the team’s disorganization throughout the three years, which led to the departure of head coach Steven Silas, who was heavily criticized for his leadership.

Houston was in the top three picks 안전놀이터 (14.0%) for the No. 1 pick, but with the No. 4 pick, they were effectively out of reach of Victor Wambanyama or Scott Henderson. A very disappointing result for the team, obviously. With that said, it’s possible that Houston’s new direction for the season will be to try and win more games.

They’ve already accumulated a lot of prospects that could be the cornerstone of their rebuild. Young guns like Draymond Green, Jabari Smith Jr. and Alpern Senghun are full of potential. The talk is that it’s time for them to grow out of the losing mentality and start winning.

The new head coach is Ime Udoka, who led Boston to the Finals in his first year in charge. Despite his personal life controversies, Ime Udoka has a clear commitment to the team’s performance and future development, and there are strong rumors of the return of James Harden, the best guard in Houston’s history.

There are even reports that the Rockets, who already have plenty of prospects, could trade the No. 4 pick to add immediate depth. There’s no shortage of teams interested in Houston’s No. 4 pick.

“Several teams have already expressed interest in acquiring the Rockets’ fourth pick,” Iko said. One of the hot topics around the league is the expectation that Houston, Portland, and Detroit will pursue aggressive trades centered around their picks.”

Additionally, the reporter named Toronto as a team interested in Houston’s pick. Lending credence to this news is the fact that Amen Thompson, the likely fourth overall pick, has good size and athleticism for his position and a long wingspan, which is similar to the style of prospect Toronto has favored in the past.

After failing to make the playoffs this season, Toronto is in the midst of a major rebuild. Toronto’s pursuit of the fourth overall pick is a step closer to a rebuild. Key pieces like Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby continue to be the subject of trade rumors.

According to Iko, “Toronto has asked Houston about the No. 4 pick. There are teams that believe the No. 4 pick is a really good pick, and there are teams that want to get it.”

If Toronto were to make an immediate impact trade for the No. 4 pick, it would likely be for Siakam and Anunoby. If the Rockets were to add a reliable forward like Siakam or Anunoby following the return of Harden, who is consistently rumored to be in the mix, they would have the pieces to challenge for the playoffs next season.

However, given the market value of both players, they may have to bleed some more to get them. Will a trade happen between Toronto and Houston?

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