Hongik University and Cheongju University both won two consecutive victories. 

Hongik University, led by coach Park Chang-hyun, defeated Yeonseong University 4-0 in the Taebaeksangi group stage match of the 18th 1st and 2nd year college soccer tournament held at Gowon Stadium 2 located in Taebaek, Gangwon on the 5th. 

Hongik University started with Lee Dong-gyu’s goal in the 26th minute, and Chun In-soo, Kim Jun-min, and Lee Hyun-seung split the net for Yeonseong University. Hongik University, which defeated Yeungnam University on the 3rd, scored 6 goals in 2 games and did not concede a single goal, and sprinted for 2 consecutive victories. 메이저토토사이트

On the same day, Cheongju University, led by coach Lee Kwan-woo, recorded its second consecutive victory by winning 2-0 against Daegyeong University thanks to goals from Lee Jung-min and Kang Hyeon-jun.

Sunmoon University, Gwangju University, Chosun University, Donga University, Yongin University, Jeonju University, Kyungil University, Dongguk University, Mokpo Science University, Widuk University, and Calvin University won the first victory. Gimhae University and Suwon University, Kimcheon University and Jungwon University, and Soongsil University and Segyeong University could not decide the winner.

◇The 18th Junior College Soccer Tournament Taebaeksangi Preliminary Day 2 Chosun University

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