Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong (51) diagnosed the team’s situation.

The importance of a coach in football cannot be overemphasized. No matter how good a squad is built, the team can fall if the manager’s influence is not exerted. Of course, there are examples of the opposite. A representative director is Kim Ki-dong. He is an inseparable person from Pohang from his days as a player to his managerial career.

Coach Kim, who has been in his fifth year, has now grown into a manager representing the K-League beyond Pohang. ‘My Daily’ met director Kim Ki-dong at the Songra Clubhouse in Pohang on the 7th. Introducing the honest and simple story I had with director Kim on three occasions.

Q) It is evaluated that ‘2nd place’ Pohang is cruising this season as well. Are things going according to plan?

“I had to go better. There was too much difference between first place Ulsan Hyundai and Pohang (*16 points difference between Ulsan and Pohang as of round 21). I think that’s not enough. There are regrets. There were things we did well, but there were things that we hesitated in a situation where we could hit and run. The same goes for the first game against Ulsan.

Q) What is the biggest feature of the 2023 season?

“It’s an all-time high ranking competition. There is no gap between 2nd and 7th place in Ulsan’s solo run. We can also go down to the middle or lower ranks if we struggle. I think it will be fun for the viewers, but the coach is really anxious. It will be a lot of stress for the coaches. They have already changed coaches for 3 teams. It’s not an easy job (laughs).”

Q) You said you were aiming for the championship before the season?

“I am doing well in the current situation. I asked the players if they were satisfied with the given environment, but I said I was not satisfied. He said, “Let’s not be satisfied with the players. People around us say that Pohang is doing well at this level. But after hearing that, we need to think more and improve instead of being complacent.”

Q) Coincidentally, East Coast rival Ulsan is in first place?

“There is no special ceremony. It is a good team and has good players. If we beat the rival teams in our own way, that becomes an issue again, and the fans send more support. Of course, Pohang fans do it against Ulsan. I really want to win, so that part is a burden, but I try to do it with confidence.”

Q) Pohang scored a lot of theater goals this season. What is the driving force?

“It’s the result of a good winter training. The players say that winter training with me is very difficult (laughs). It’s a style of training a lot in the off-season. The players follow that part well, so I overcome it without getting tired physically at the end. I think I gained strength. When my stamina goes down, I lose my concentration and I make mistakes.

Q) Was there a player who had a particularly difficult time?

“All players are having a hard time (laughs). Especially (Kim) Seungdae worked hard. When Seungdae came from Jeonbuk, his body was not built at all. I thought I would come back. In fact, I didn’t take a break from training and my performance improved. I wasn’t a common player in Jeonbuk. But now, when I come back and see you play, I feel more confident. In fact, if you don’t build a body, even if you have a strong will, you can’t get good performance. He emphasizes mental strength, but he doesn’t have mental strength in difficult situations. Basically, mental strength comes out when you have a physical condition that allows you to compete. In that area, Seungdae has definitely changed.”

“Seungdae is serving as the captain for the first time. It is a little different from the previous captains. The previous captains had charisma, but Seungdae comfortably leads the juniors like an older brother. He seems to buy a lot of meals outside. While Chang-rae plays a large role defensively, Seung-dae leads the players overall.”

Q) Then, what do Pohang need to improve?

“It’s goal-making power. It creates chances, but it doesn’t score well. A strong team is the team that scores when a goal opportunity comes. Even in Ulsan, even if it’s not an overwhelming game, Bako and Joo Min-gyu score goals when a chance comes. That’s a strong team. We too To become a strong team, you have to score when the opportunity comes. Even after the match against Suwon FC, you asked the players to concentrate. When you are winning, you should always have the same mind, not playing soccer like a joke. Only then can the players develop. .”

Q) Pohang’s foreign players (Grant, Wandelsson, Zeca, Oberdan) are doing a good job?

“Grant is in his 3rd year, and he talked to the general manager a while ago. He said to the general manager, ‘Grant is now a person.’ Now he has adjusted to the K-League. There was a time when I didn’t play in the game. At the same time, Grant also understood my thoughts and grasped the Korean style. Wandelson was injured during winter training and was put in as a substitute in the match against Daegu FC (round 12), then removed again. I let him play for about 10 minutes was taken out again and then prepared without putting it into the game.

Q) I know you’ve been watching Jeka since his days in Daegu, right?

“That’s right. We are not a team that defends by standing down. Even if we defend, we defend from the front. “Recently, the two of them had a video meeting separately. At the same time, when I asked Jeka, ‘Are you satisfied with your play?’, he said no himself. I said the same. There are things I’m good at, like playing a lot and sacrificing for the team, but there are things I’m lacking in. Ball He said that he needed to protect his team and improve his decision-making power. He emphasized that he could become a better player if he corrects mistakes that come from easy parts.”

Q) Oberdan is in charge of the waist. How did you find it?

“I left it to the scout. There was only one requirement. I asked for a midfielder who plays a box-to-box role. So the scout told me about Oberdan and I watched the video. I thought it was my role to refine the pitch. I run a lot and scratch the team’s itch. I’m a sacrificial player. Recently, I’m greedy for goals (laughs). My son asked me why I couldn’t score goals. So these days, I’m a mid-range shooter. (Laughs). Since Oberdan fully acknowledges you, I asked him to do it the way he is now, so he told me not to worry about that either.”

“Coach Park Hang-seo came to the last home game against Gwangju FC and said, ‘What happened to foreign kids playing harder than Korean kids?

Q) Recently, you also brought Han Chan-hee?

“Actually, our weakness is the 3rd line. With Shin Jin-ho’s departure, there was a void and Kim Jong-woo was brought in, but he was immediately injured. It was a deep concern. In that situation, an opportunity came to Kim Jun-ho. It was not bad to stand on the back with Oberdan. (Han) Chan-hee has been watching since he played in Jeonnam in the past. Seung-mo did well, but he became a free agent next year. From the team’s point of view, when Chan-hee comes, he gets a player. In particular, it is not a small amount to recruit a player like Chan-hee. I need money. I persuaded the club to bring me because I will make money.”메이저토토사이트

Q) How should we look at Pohang’s ‘second place’, which is not realistically large in investment?

“I said it before, but Jeonbuk Hyundai said it would come up someday. In fact, Jeonbuk is now coming up. It is true that a team that invests a lot wins. 93% of the influences the ranking. It is said that the probability of winning against investment is about that much, but it is said that it is also in the paper. We, too, may come to a breaking point someday.”

“But this is my job. I’m not complaining about the lack of players, it’s a position where I have to think about what parts I can pull out of them. , I could be criticized. Right now, because of my good grades, I am supported by fans, but my circumstances may change. That’s why I’m doing my best not to leave regrets even if I leave later. right.”

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