Yang Jae-min (24), who plays for Otsunomiya Brex in the Japanese professional basketball B. League, expressed his feelings about participating in the East Asian Super League (EASL). In his heart, he promised to do a better job, looking forward to a match against the Korean team.

He took the starting point lightly. Yang Jae-min recorded 8 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals while playing 15 minutes and 3 seconds in the match against TNT Tropang Giga held at Nikkan Arena in Utsunomiya, Japan on the 1st. Utsunomiya defeated TNT 99-66.

After the game, Yang Jae-min said, “For me, playing in the B.League felt like an international competition, so I didn’t feel anything special. However, he came to see a lot of Korean players and Korean media, and I think it is fortunate that he jumped even a little.”

Regarding the somewhat ups and downs of playing time, he said, “I am not getting a lot of playing time than I thought. Still, I think I ran a little more this time,” he said. “The authority lies with the coach. I am enduring day by day with the goal of just going to the gym and working out hard. He wants to run more and stand on the court, but he’s stressed because he can’t, but he still feels good when he practices on the court. As much as he trains every day, he is trying to do his best.”

Regarding being popular with fans, such as selling related products at the club, “There are quite a few people who recognize it. Utsunomiya is a city where basketball is the main sport. You also like Korean culture. So are my colleagues. If it was my initial plan, I should have gone to Korea to play an away match against SK. The players were also looking forward to it, but it was disappointing that it was canceled.” Still, if we go to the finals or the 3rd and 4th place matches, there is still a chance that KGC will stick.”

Regarding the match against KGC, “It is a Korea-Japan match, but in fact it is not a national match. I am cautious about speaking out, but it is to stick together as a team. must win unconditionally. Personally, I really want to stick around. It’s a really good opportunity for me too. Who would have the opportunity to play as a professional player abroad and play against a Korean professional team?”

Finally, he said, “This competition is a really good opportunity for me. Rather than having to do well on the court, I want to work hard so that people can feel, ‘Yang Jae-min is working hard overseas’ or ‘He’s holding up well’. B. The league schedule has about two months left. Utsunomiya is a team with a deep tradition. The participation time is less than expected, but there is a lot to learn. There are many things to learn from the coaching staff, so I will try to grow every time I train every day, regardless of playing time.”

Yang Jae-min sought to advance to overseas leagues early on. In high school, he played in the Spanish league, and after returning to Korea and graduating from Gyeongbok High School, he went on to Yonsei University. He took a leave of absence before his sophomore year at Yonsei University and went to the United States, looking forward to entering the first division of an American university. However, the US college league stopped due to Corona 19, and he turned to advancing to the Japanese B. League. He became the B. League Asian Quarter No. 1 Korean player. He is playing in the B. League for the third season from the 2020-2021 season. 바카라사이트

He is playing in the B. League but is likely to join the national team for the first time since his youth days. In fact, national team coach Choo Il-seung is observing EASL, and Yang Jae-min is also watching closely. He walks a different path from others, but his goal is not very different.

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