He is confident in his position. So, regarding last week’s classic, I saw it as a matter of condition, not a matter of position. LG closing pitcher Ko Woo-seok (25), who throws the strongest four-seam fastball and slider among mid-level pitchers in the KBO League, emphasized his confidence in his pitch.

Go Woo-seok recorded his first out count and 5 saves this season in the match against Suwon KT on the 5th. Lead by 1 point, 5-4. Go Woo-seok, who came to the mound in the bottom of the 8th inning with 1 out and runners on first and second base, treated the first batter, Lee Ho-yeon, with a double play with a grounder to shortstop, quickly ending the 8th inning. The bottom of the 8th inning ended with shortstop Oh Ji-hwan’s clever defense.온라인바카라

However, in the bottom of the 9th inning, we faced crisis again. Hong Chang-gi helped Go Woo-seok and the team by catching a batted ball that could have been a hit to lead hitter Bae Jeong-dae. He then received a heavy hit from pinch hitter Moon Sang-cheol, but caught Cho Yong-ho with a hit in front of the shortstop.

And after a battle that went down to 7 pitches with Hwang Jae-gyun, he struck out and struck out Hwang Jae-gyun. With the ball count of 2-2, he used a curve as the deciding ball, but Hwang Jae-gyun held back his swing, but Hwang Jae-gyun was unable to overcome the four-seam fastball he threw last.

Go Woo-seok made his 13th save. LG’s season record was 68 wins, 43 losses, and 2 draws. They beat second place KT by 6.5 games and also had the upper hand against KT with a record of 6 wins and 5 losses.

The following is a Q&A between Go Woo-seok and the reporters after the game.

-Recorded 5 out-of-count saves. It’s the first time this season.

Before starting the interview, I would like to express my gratitude to the officials at Suwon Stadium. Thanks to the hard work of the officials, the game resumed. I was worried about the condition of the ground, but we were able to play on a good ground.

It was thanks to our defense that we were able to save 5 outs. The defense really helped us. We were able to overcome a difficult game and difficult situation thanks to our defense.

-There was a bad result in the match against Hanwha last Saturday. He said he had a conversation with manager Yeom Kyung-yeop about ball combinations, and manager Yeom advised him to focus on throwing four-seamers rather than breaking balls. Was that reflected in today’s game?


Of course, I understood what the director meant. But I am also stubborn. The manager said that his slider was weak, so he thought about throwing only a slider from the first pitch to the last pitch. He thought he should show it to the director. Then, when it was time to leave for the game, I couldn’t think of anything. After he got on the mound, he just thought about throwing at a fast tempo.

-Saturday went in because the slider rotation was loose. And the four-seamer fell out of my hand. Why was it particularly bad that day?

I was really out of balance that day. I’ve never really done that before, but that day I threw with my balance off. After hitting a ball that hit senior Choi Jae-hoon, he started throwing the ball with a pitching motion he had never used before and made a really big mistake. It was a game where I was very angry with myself.

-I feel proud of my slider. It seems like we can’t give up on the slider anymore because it’s a good pitch for inducing base hitters.

There is something like that. Also, throwing a slider has the lowest risk of a true hit. I think the coach feels that my slider is weak because he hasn’t seen me much because I’ve been out due to injury for a long time.

-How did the final match with Hwang Jae-gyun unfold? It seemed like he thought the curve was the deciding ball, but the swing didn’t come out. Afterwards, he threw a four-seamer and caught a swing, but it seemed like he was a bit cornered.

He was confident that if he just reacted to the curve, he could catch it. Fortunately, senior Hwang Jae-gyun didn’t completely react to the curve. He did react, but he didn’t swing. When I saw that, I thought I could win if I threw a four-seamer.

-Wasn’t it disappointing that he didn’t miss the curve?

He believed that even if the game was not won with a curve, if he could induce a reaction, he could win the game again with the next ball. He thought he had a chance of winning as long as the four-seam didn’t go completely high or fall ridiculously high, and he was going to go with the four-seam no matter what.

-What is your current physical condition?

I think he could be called the best. Last Saturday’s game was unbalanced, but the conditions themselves were not bad. I had a bad game, but I was determined again. I just want to play each game with the mindset that it is the Korean Series again.

-What do you think about the ball combination?

Bad results may occur due to ball mixing issues. But I see that as a later issue. The most important thing is to prepare well so as not to lose your balance. I don’t think it makes sense to talk about ball combination when I can’t throw my own ball from the mound.

-It seems like the proportion of high fastballs is steadily increasing.

Yes. I threw consistently today. I kept trying to throw it high and it went in well without falling out.

-The team’s performance is going well, but it is also a difficult season for me. How do you hold your mind?

I don’t know. It was very difficult because I didn’t feel well even after going to the 2021 Olympics, and it was difficult last year when I thought I would finish last but it didn’t happen. Perhaps because of that experience, this year I have a strong feeling that I should never let it go until the end and finish it on my own.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gained more experience and am a little older, but I’m going through the season with the mindset that I may be a little shaken, but I won’t break down. Even if I can’t do it, I just try not to get stressed. Still, I want to do well until the end with a grateful heart because they keep sending me to the games.

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