“It’s been 10 years since I started playing baseball… It’s the first time I’ve ever played a game like this. I myself am amazed. I want to say ‘I can do it’ to other teams and other players.”

The high school baseball team still has the title of ‘new team’. There is only one active professional baseball senior.

The eight-year-old water safe created a drama that will remain in the history of the 78-year-old Blue Dragon. Water Vault played the 78th Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship and Weekend League Wangjungwangjeon (co-sponsored by the Chosun Ilbo, Sports Chosun, and Korea Baseball Softball Association) held at Sinwol Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 20th. The miracle was reversed 14-12.

At the center was Kim Woo-seong (17), the main catcher of the water vault. Even though he is a sophomore, he is the core of the batting line with a confidently starting mask and cleanup trio.

On this day, Kim Woo-sung started with a timely hit in the top of the first inning, followed by a 3-run home run that changed the flow of the game at the end of the 4th inning, and 2 RBIs that tied the score 12-12 at the end of the 5th inning. led

The water vault gave up 11 points only in the third inning. Masan High School had 16 batters in the batting order, not even one batting average. After changing the pitcher four times, the water safe barely finished the inning. The dugout of the water safe was the exact opposite of Masango, which had a festive atmosphere.

And the one who looked even more pitifully at the pitchers who lowered their heads one after another under the pressure was Kim Woo-sung, the ‘master of the house’. Most of the scores of Masan High School on this day were not timely hits, but through push dunes, walks, and wild throws. In hot weather, he had to endure endless innings with his catcher’s equipment.

However, Kang Seung-young, coach of the water safe, told the players before the game, “Never give up. You don’t know baseball. You can do it if you do it to the end.” He served as the head coach at Masan High School, which is his alma mater, for 10 years, and in 2015, he took the baton with the founding of the water vault baseball team. He shook his head, saying, “Didn’t the referees think it was ‘5th inning cold’? It’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever played a game like this.”

It was the same with Kim Woo-sung, whom I met after the game. He laughed, saying, “Because I’m the host of the team, I thought I shouldn’t give up until the end. Thanks to you, I’m happy that it led to good results.”먹튀검증

Honestly, I almost collapsed. But the team members made a promise to each other. I’m happy that we got good results as a result of working hard and relying on each other until the end. I want to tell other baseball players that I can flip it.”

In particular, the ‘hand taste’ of the home run gave Kim Woo-sung even greater courage. He said, “I just thought it fit well, but the next moment I heard that it was over. At that moment, the director’s words came to mind and he thought, ‘I can follow'” and clenched his fists.

However, the road to victory was arduous until the end. Jo Dong-hwi, who was in charge of the mound from the 5th inning to the end, was a freshman pitcher who made his first appearance in the high school baseball official game. Exhausted, he gave up a ball to the first batter in the top of the ninth inning. However, the water vault won by adding 3 gearco outcounts. In particular, the last ball hit well on the left field line was snatched by left fielder Ko Seung-hyun with a diving catch.

“It was like a slow motion. I think it took 10 seconds (from jumping to catching). After catching, after winning, I finally thought, ‘Wow, I won’. I’ve only heard of it, but it’s the first time I’ve felt it so painfully.”

His role model is Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Kai Takuya (Softbank Hawks). He is a catcher who is quick to get the ball out of the mitt and has a strong throw to second base, earning him the nickname ‘Kai Cannon’. Kim Woo-sung said, “As a catcher, there are many things I want to be like.”

There is only one active professional player from a water vault, Kim Young-woong of the Samsung Lions. Kim Woo-sung said, “I learned a lot while working out with my seniors during the last winter training,” and smiled broadly, saying, “I want to join the youth national team next year. Of course, I also want to go to the pros.”

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