Coach Byeon Seong-hwan, who was frustrated at the threshold of normalcy amid an uncertain decision, expressed his gratitude to the team.메이저토토사이트

The Korean national under-17 (U-17) team led by coach Byeon lost 0-3 to Japan in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-17 Asian Cup final held at Pathum Thani Stadium in Thailand on the 2nd (Korean time).

Korea, which challenged to reach the top of the U-17 Asian Cup for the first time in 21 years, promised the following. Although they failed to win the championship, Korea, which made it to the semifinals in this tournament, will go to the FIFA U-17 World Cup to be held in Indonesia in November.

Coach Byun said through the Korea Football Association, “It is very regrettable,” and “I prepared a lot for the final game against Korea and Japan, but it is most regrettable that I could not show everything.”

The match generated a lot of controversy. In particular, the Thailand referee’s unclear decision and misjudgment influenced the flow of the game. At the end of the first half, Ko Jong-hyeon (Maetango) was sent off after receiving a second warning due to an ambiguous decision. At this time, a free kick conceded for a foul led to the opening goal conceded in the final. The location of the free kick was not clearly specified, so the kick was taken closer than the location of the foul.

In the 38th minute of the second half, Kim Myeong-jun (Pocheol High School) tripped over the goalkeeper’s hand in the penalty box and fell, but the referee’s whistle was not blown. Rather, a warning was given to director Byeon, who protested against the decision.

Coach Byun said, “Above all, the players were unable to pour out 100% of their capabilities,” and “unintentionally, the flow of the game changed, so we couldn’t even bring the results.” At the same time, he lamented, saying, “As a manager, I felt very sad to see the players shed tears in this situation.”

Coach Byeon, who said, “If I had a perfect score of 100, I could give the team 95 points,” said coach Byeon, “The players worked really hard while preparing for this tournament.” He expressed his gratitude, saying, “The players proved their strengths on the field and I was happy as a coach because they convinced me that our soccer was not wrong.” In addition, he pledged, “Although the results of the finals are very disappointing, I will prepare well for the World Cup for the rest of the period with these points.”

Now coach Byun is entering the World Cup mode. He announced the beginning of a new competition, saying, “It is necessary to correct and supplement the shortcomings of this tournament,” and “we are not currently in the national team, but injured players or new players can enter.” He said, “We plan to check existing players and new players at the national competition in July,” and revealed, “We plan to start full-scale training from August.”

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