“I don’t know how it will change”.

Mario Sanchez (29), a new foreign pitcher for the KIA Tigers, also expressed his concerns about the ban on double motion. It was a habit he had for a long time, and if he was suddenly banned, it could affect his pitching. He also explained why, unlike other pitchers, he throws on the tip of the plate.

Sanchez joined KIA and made his wonderful debut against KT on the 9th with a good pitching of 6.2 innings, 10 strikeouts and 1 run. Regarding the new KIA life, “It was good overall. The team treats me like family, so I get used to it from the start. I felt as if I had been with this team for a long time. Having a lot of fans is a good thing. It was an away game, but a lot of fans came. He motivated me to throw well without any burden,” he said.

Sanchez once threw over 150km, but he’s not the fastball type now. He has a style of winning with his first pitch and various breaking balls. “My strength is not strong pitching. It is to get the hitter out with good control. I hope to return to the original velocity, but that is not the only focus. We have to restore restraint while maintaining the current discipline.” 

Sanchez attracted attention with a few unusual actions. A sudden turn to the runner on first base prior to setup. He landed on the far end of the pitch and threw it. Then, he irregularly double kicked when pitching. The double motion has been warned by the referee. He was ordered to throw with the same pitching form.메이저토토사이트

Sanchez said, “The referees said that the double motion itself was not the problem. The form should be the same for each pitching. If you want to do it, I told you to do it from the beginning. If it changes, he said it becomes a rule violation.” At the same time, “Double motion has been used for a long time. To be honest, I’m not sure how your pitching style will change if you get banned. I hope it doesn’t have much of an impact,” he said, showing concern. 

The reason for the pitch adjustment was to target left-handed batters and strengthen the sweeper. “The pitching board position has been adjusted since the beginning of last year. At first, it was not where it is today. It moved little by little and became the current position. It was for attacking a left-handed hitter with a breaking ball. Sweepers are very helpful. All of my pitches are fine,” he explained. He struck out 10 with a sweeper. 

Manager Kim Jong-guk gave a satisfactory evaluation of Sanchez, who does not tremble on the mound and competes aggressively, saying, “It is like a fighting chicken.” But he himself said, “It’s not like that. Thoroughly remove obstacles and try to throw them away. There is still peace in my heart. During the game and during training, it will be because it is reflected actively and passionately,” he laughed.

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