There is a perception that a reliever pitcher has a shorter lifespan than a starting pitcher who is managed with a stable rotation. In fact, there are numerous reliever pitchers who shine for two or three years and then disappear. The percentage of pitchers who have a long run of 5 years or more is also low. Because there are so many good talents in the major leagues, it is common for their faces to change from time to time.

In that respect, sovereignty (28‧kt) is a player worthy of attention this season. Ju Kwon is one of the reliever pitchers who has consistently pitched the most innings in the league after turning completely reliever in 2019. He pitched 75⅓ innings in 71 games in 2019 and 70 innings in 77 games in 2020. He pitched 49 innings in 2021 as well, and 50⅔ innings last year as well. Still, he did great.

He threw 194⅓ innings in 210 games for three years from 2019 to 2021, recording 83 holds, and his earned run average during this period was excellent at 2.96. However, he played 58 games last year, but his earned run average rose considerably to 3.91. So he is put to the test this year. This is because this year’s performance can determine to some extent whether he can make a long run as a bullpen pitcher or whether his graph will collapse.

In addition, if sovereignty finishes this season normally, he will be qualified as a free agent (FA). Since he is not yet 30 years old and has a track record, it is expected that the interest in the market will be quite large. So this year is more important to him. If you do well this year, you can instill confidence in the market, and that confidence translates into ransom. 온라인바카라

Regarding the short lifespan of a bullpen pitcher, Sovereignty said, “I hear a lot of preconceived notions and stories like that,” but added, “Isn’t there a lot of injuries? I don’t think there will be such a thing if there is no injury,” he said confidently. As long as he stays in good shape, he believes he can fight batters well enough on the ground.

Although it was somewhat sluggish last year, sovereignty does not mean much. I am maintaining a positive attitude, saying that I was somewhat unlucky. Sovereignty said, “I think I didn’t have a little luck. Rather than throwing the ball or something like that, I didn’t have a little luck, so I personally got into a bad atmosphere.” They said there was no problem, so I’m not too worried.”

Sovereignty in 2023 is expected to be a fairly long time. He will participate as a member of the Chinese national team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held in March. This is the second WBC after 2017. At the end of February, we will move on to Kagoshima, Japan, where the training of the Chinese national team will begin. If you spend a season after the tournament, now the free agency war awaits in winter.

WBC is a motivation. Joo Kwon said, “(At the first tournament) I was too young, and it was just a big tournament called the WBC, so I think I went out like that. I was a little curious about what it was like, and I just blindly went out and threw it.” It seems that there is such a desire.

However, it is the sovereign’s idea that the WBC will not greatly hinder preparation for the season. Rather than focusing on the WBC, it is intended to be a process of preparing for the season. So, I informed him early that he would play in the bullpen, which he was originally assigned to, for his position. Attention is focusing on whether the first button will be sewn well and the long journey will be pleasantly started.

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