Veteran fullback Lee Yong (37) revealed the background of his sudden transfer to Suwon FC after leaving Jeonbuk Hyundai, where he had been with him for six years.

Lee Yong, who moved from Ulsan to Jeonbuk in 2017 and played for 5 years and 6 months, transferred to Suwon FC on the 4th. It is not unfamiliar to Suwon FC, where he played the second half of the season after moving on loan from Jeonbuk last summer. As Jeonbuk’s generational change policy coincided, he eventually wore a Suwon FC uniform as an official transfer.

카지노 As soon as the transfer was announced, Lee Yong started the home game against Pohang at Suwon Sports Complex. He was very disappointed that the team lost 1-2, but he calmly looked back on his life in Jeonbuk at the press conference.

Lee Yong said, “I had a good season in Jeonbuk, and I achieved a lot as an individual and as a team, so Jeonbuk was important to me.” I came to the team,” he explained the background of the transfer to Suwon FC.

Regarding the fact that the transfer took place in one day, he said, “It was a long day.

He added, “(Jeonbuk) team members have been contacted a lot since I left a group message, so I am grateful and regretful.”

Lee Yong also confessed that he had received an ardent attack of affection from Suwon FC players.

He said, “All Suwon players are friends, so I contacted them often during the off-season.” I have been contacted from time to time,” he said.

Veteran defender Lee Yong, who has played 327 games in the K-League, has played well over the past six years, sharing Jeonbuk’s heyday. While Jeonbuk won the league five times in a row (2017-2021), Lee Yong-do was also selected twice (2018 and 2019) in the K-League 1 Best 11.

He now took off his green jersey and wore a red and blue striped Suwon FC jersey to burn the last part of his career.

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