High school and college students are not the only ones who break through the narrow employment gap in professional baseball.스포츠토토
Reporter Kim Han-jun met the ‘misaengs’ who achieved their dreams, although it took a little longer than others.
Among the young high school students, two players wearing suits can be seen.

These are Hwang Young-mook and Jin Woo-young, who played professional baseball as members of the Independent Baseball Team.

The nervous wait was short-lived, and the two players’ names were called side by side in the fourth round as if they had made a promise.

At the moment of nomination, I kept a calm expression, but it was not my true feelings.

▶ Interview: Youngmook Hwang / Hanwha Eagles 4th round pick
– “It took me 6 years since I graduated from high school. I couldn’t sleep well because the words ‘I was nominated’ lingered in my head whenever I closed my eyes…”

▶ Interview: Jin Woo-young / LG Twins 4th round pick
– “It took a lot of time to enter the draft, and the difficult days that have passed are passing by like a flash of light…”

Hwang Young-mook was highly praised for being an infielder with contact and defensive abilities, and Jin Woo-young was highly regarded for his fast ball that can reach 150 km.

▶ Interview: Hwang Young-mook / Hanwha Eagles infielder
– “There are so many people I really have to thank, including my teammates, Choi Soo-hyun, and second baseman Kim Yun-beom. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone.”

In particular, Jin Wooyoung also introduced his relationship with LG.

▶ Interview: Jin Woo-young / LG Twins pitcher
– “Both of my parents went to LG, and I think it was fate that I went to LG as well.”

The ‘Misaeng’ who have achieved their dream of becoming a professional player, their real baseball life begins now.

This is Hanjun Kim from MBN News.

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