The atmosphere of the men’s volleyball KB Insurance players, who were dragged with a set score of 1-2 until the beginning of the 4th set, was not bad.

Leading 12-5, he showed light movements and looked like he could lead the match into the 5th set without difficulty.

However, they gave away points little by little and allowed Korean Air to pursue, and Hu In-jeong (49), director of KB Insurance, hardened her face.

KB Insurance, which made the set point at 24-22, committed mistakes one after another as if possessed, and eventually gave up the game by conceding 4 consecutive points.

KB Insurance lost 1-3 in the Korean Air match held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 14th.

Recently, the 3 consecutive wins were cut off, and unlike the 6 games in a row, they had to leave the stadium empty-handed on this day.

After the game, Coach Hu seemed determined to throw a cane at the players’ performances.

He raised his voice, saying, “I had a difficult game because the left (outside heater) did not score well.” .

KB Insurance, which finished second in the regular league last season and runner-up in the championship match, fell to sixth this season. 토토사이트

The substituted foreign player, Andres Vijena (registered name Vijena), performs an activity comparable to that of any club, but the native striker is a weakness.

On this day, middle blocker Kim Hong-jeong scored 11 points, but two wing strikers, Han Seong-jeong (9 points) and Hwang Gyeong-min (8 points), failed to reach double digits.

Viyena, who led KB Insurance’s winning streak with her recent brilliant performance, also showed a rather emotional reaction on this day.

With 29 points, his problem-solving ability was impeccable, but he exposed a scene in which he disagreed with his teammates.

Coach Hu said, “I did my best to win the game, but there is a part that didn’t work out.

When the word about the setter toss came out, Coach Hu continued.

He pointed out, “I understand that if you are a setter, you want to save other players when you are holding the lead. But I think you have to be cool and play carefully.”

As the score increased in the 4th set, Hwang Taek-eui pointed out that he had dispersed the toss, which had been focused on Villena, to other players.

Director Hu left the interview room saying, “I have to talk to Hwang Taek-eui.”

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