I want to keep this process in my mind.”

NC rookie right-handed outfielder Park Han-gyeol (19) was recognized for his high potential, enough to be selected in the second round of the 2023 rookie draft. In 68 games in the Futures League this year, he recorded 51 hits in 192 at-bats, a batting average of 0.266, 4 home runs, 34 RBIs, 32 runs, 10 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.740.

As the Futures League ended, I received a call from coach Kang In-kwon. He has already had a proper hazing ceremony once. On the 24th, he made his first at-bat in his first-team debut against Doosan in Changwon. However, the bases were loaded with no outs in the bottom of the 11th inning, with the game down 3-5. An opportunity to take a close look at his capabilities and courage at High Leverage.

Park Han-gyeol was pushed back by Doosan’s sidearm Park Chi-guk with a ball count of 2S, but after watching the slider, he powerfully pushed a 145km fastball and hit a double with 2 RBIs tying the game in right-center. The opponent’s mistakes overlapped, making it the one shot that confirmed NC’s victory. KBSN Sports commentator Kim Tae-gyun, who broadcast the game, said that the simple swing stood out.

Coach Kang In-kwon also praised Park Han-gyeol’s batting talent ahead of the Changwon KIA game on the 26th. Rather than making a mishit, he brilliantly pushed the low ball into the deep right-center area. And a scene that proved that that one shot was not a coincidence was shown at the Changwon KIA on the 28th.

It was the bottom of the 8th inning with NC leading 17-3. Park Han-gyeol also hit two sliders from KIA right-hander Kim Seung-hyun in 2S, and when the 142km fastball came in a little high toward his body, he lightly pulled it and drew a solo arch to the left. MBC Sports Plus commentator Kim Seon-woo, who broadcast this game, said, “He has star quality.”먹튀검증

As it turns out, he was put in place of Son Ah-seop, the leading star who was on the verge of becoming the batting champion that day. Son Ah-seop had 4 hits until the 5th inning, and coach Kang In-kwon boldly removed the score when the score increased to 13-3. Instead, the situation was the same as the Doosan game on the 24th, with bases loaded and no outs. They must have wanted to see Park Han-gyeol’s talent once again, and it was interpreted as a purpose to give Son Ah-seop a long-awaited break.

Park Han-gyeol caught a left-handed submariner Kwak Do-gyu’s pitched pitch and hit an infield hit with an RBI toward second base. And in his next at-bat, he hit his first career home run. A batting average of 0.500 with 3 hits in 6 at-bats, 1 home run, 4 RBI, and 2 runs doesn’t mean much anyway. However, there is a significance in that NC has secured future outfield power in the fierce battle for second place.

Park Han-gyeol said through the club, “I’m really happy because it’s my first home run in my career. He seemed to be good at catching his opponent’s misfires. Before I went to bat, my batting coach advised me that the opposing pitcher had a lot to do with my body, and I think I prepared well and got good results at the bat. I remember this home run process vividly. I want to keep this process in mind. “I will continue to maintain a good feeling and help the team win even a little,” he said.

The NC outfield has a high sense of weight and dependence on Son Ah-seop and Park Geon-woo. Kwon Hee-dong is also a veteran. Their supporting players, including Cheon Jae-hwan, Kim Seong-wook, and Futures FA Han Seok-hyun, did not stand out that much. It is meaningful that Park Han-gyeol came out in this situation. First of all, he must be seen as a well-selected player by the club, and it is the responsibility of the field to develop him.

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