“Seong Gon-hyung plays an indispensable and important role in the team.”

This season, Moon Seong-gon is making a great contribution to Anyang KGC’s 1st place (26 wins, 11 losses). He posted 7.9 points, 5.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists and 1.4 steals in 37 games, averaging 30 minutes and 40 seconds. He induces the opponent’s mistakes with his tenacious defense and long arms, and suddenly appears under the goal and snatches the rebound in an instant.

However, recently, Seong-Gon Moon was selected as a Distinguished Player, and when he enters the interview room, the first thing he says is ‘I’m sorry’. The first time I brought up the word of self-reflection was after winning 91-66 in the match against Seoul Samsung on the 22nd of last month, “The performance was not good in the match against Carrot on January 21st. He should have been more sober, but I reflect on it,” he said.

The 21st was the day when KGC suffered its first loss of the season to Goyang Carrot. This season, KGC’s performance drops once after the break. The 21st was such a day. They lost 65-85, and the field goal success rate was only 37% (28/76). However, their sluggishness did not last long, and they won a great victory in the match against Samsung, which was a series of matches. 스포츠토토

The second game that brought out reflection was the match against Jeonju KCC on the 31st. KGC won 83-81. Moon Seong-gon recorded 12 points and 2 assists in 23 minutes and 52 seconds. He not only recorded simple records, but also contributed to the offense and defense by intensively holding KCC ace Heo Ung in check. Moon Seong-gon said after the game, “It was an easy game, but it became a difficult victory because I couldn’t keep (the lead). I am personally reflecting. He always seems to reflect when he comes to the interview room.”

I asked Byun Jun-hyeong if he knew of Moon Seong-gon’s reflection. Byun Jun-hyung asked, “What is the reason?” From Byun Jun-hyung’s point of view, it was a question stemming from judgment that Moon Seong-gon had no reason to reflect on.

Byun Jun-hyung said, “I don’t need to blame myself. Our team is doing well and is in first place. (Moon) Seonggon Lee plays an indispensable and important role in the team. He’s good at defense and rebounding, so there are a lot of good plays. He hopes he didn’t beat himself up. He is doing well enough.”

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