Signs of change are being detected in the Toronto Blue Jays starting rotation, which has been relatively stable throughout this season.

Toronto won the home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-5 at the Rogers Center on the 17th (hereinafter Korean time). Toronto, which has recently won 4 consecutive wins, including 3 consecutive wins in the second half, maintained a 53-41 mark, 3rd place in the American League (AL) East Division, and 2nd place in the wild card. It is difficult to chase because it is 6 games behind the Tampa Bay Race, which leads the Eastern District, but it is easy to afford in the wild card competition where tickets to the playoffs are given up to 3rd place.

Toronto needs to tighten up its rotation a bit more to build up the momentum it had early in the second half.

However, two variables emerged. One is the physical condition of ace Kevin Gaussman. Gaussman was scheduled to start against Arizona on the 16th, but his start was canceled after he complained of pain in his left side prior to the game. Gaussman played catch at the Rogers Center the other day, and his condition improved. However, he opted not to play in his 19–21 home three-game series against the San Diego Padres. So, it means that the first appearance of the second half will go on to the 6th away game starting on the 22nd.

Analysts say that Gaussman’s injury this time is caused by accumulated fatigue. He threw a lot. He pitched 115⅔ innings in 19 games in the first half. He was fourth in the AL and first on the team in innings pitched in the first half.

Another variable is Kikuchi Yusei. The anxiety that started at the end of the first half could not be shaken off even at the first appearance in the second half of the day. In 4⅔ innings he gave up 2 hits, 3 walks and 2 walks, giving up 2 runs (1 earned run). He missed the 5th inning. When Kikuchi allowed Emmanuelle Rivera to walk on the 7th pitch from a full count after two outs in the top of the 5th inning when the score was tied 2-2, manager John Schneider went out and handed the ball to him.

It was a rather unexpected pitcher replacement. However, when Kikuchi’s 6th and 7th pitch sliders fell into fouls and body balls, coach Schneider judged that his condition was complete. It was a successful replacement as Jay Jackson, who took the mound, handled Lourdes Gurriel Jr. with a ground ball from third baseman.토토사이트

According to, Kikuchi had more balls than strikes in the first two innings of the day, and could hardly throw to the course that catcher Danny Jansen demanded. Kikuchi has been the most stable all season, including his days with the Seattle Mariners. At the current pace, there is a high possibility that he will exceed the regulation innings for the first time in the big leagues.

However, he gave up 17 hits and 5 walks in 14 innings in the last 3 games until today, and gave up 11 runs. Manager Schneider said, “There was a problem in the process of adjusting the slider. The key is how efficiently you use it in the future.” “We prepare the bullpen accordingly. There can be hooks like today. When he’s effective, he gets out counts quickly and hits all pitches well. Then he can throw until late in the game.” It sounds like your confidence is shaking a bit.

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