Woori Card’s outside heater duo Kim Ji-han and Na Kyung-bok’s passionate performance never seems to cool down. On this day, we stood at the center of our card’s 3-game winning streak.

Woori Card beat OK Financial Group with a set score of 3-2 (24-26, 25-22, 20-25, 25-21, 15- 8) and came in 3rd place. Na Kyung-bok scored 22 points, the second most after Riverman Agamez (registered name Agamez), who scored 23 points. He also stepped on the 3,000-point mark for the 22nd time in V-League history (16th only for domestic players). Kim Ji-han opened the prelude to a reversal by scoring three consecutive serve points in the 4th set, when Woori Card was losing. In the 5th set, he contributed to the victory with two decisive direct goals and a serve score.

Perhaps because of the aftermath of the full set match, the two players were clearly exhausted. However, the joy of victory was conveyed intact. Kim Ji-han said, “I was worried because I couldn’t train much because of the corona, but I’m glad I did well after entering the game,” and Na Gyeong-bok said, “It was a tough game. Still, I’m glad I won, and I’m happy.” 헤라카지노도메인

When asked if there were any aftereffects of Corona 19, Kim Ji-han said, “It’s okay. She has no aftereffects.” In fact, Kim Ji-han’s performance on this day was unbelievable as a player playing his first game after returning from Corona 19 infection. In particular, 3 consecutive serve scores in 4 sets were the highlight. Kim Ji-han said, “At that time, the score gap was wide, so the team atmosphere was a bit low. I thought that scoring a serve was the answer to change this atmosphere, so I used a strong serve, but fortunately it worked well,” he looked back on at the time.

In the 5th set, which was like a gift from Kim Ji-han to the team, Agamez showed great performance as if in response. He showed off his 6 consecutive serves and even a one-legged back attack, unleashing a solo performance. Kim Ji-han was also on the same team, but stuck out her tongue. Kim Ji-han laughed while watching Agamez’ continuous serve, saying, “I felt that I couldn’t receive that.”

On the other hand, Na Kyung-bok stepped on the 3,000 point mark and won the Standard Record Award after the game. Even including foreign players, he became the holder of a record that only 21 players had in the V-League, but Na Kyung-bok did not look excited at all. Na Kyung-bok said, “I don’t dwell too much on records. My goal is to score more goals in the future.”

Regarding the atmosphere of the winning team, Na Kyung-bok said, “The atmosphere of the team is good now. But the upcoming games are more important. We have to forget about the game we won and focus more on the next game.” Na Kyung-bok also became playful when the story about director Shin Young-chul came out. When asked if he wanted to win because it was coach Shin’s comeback match, Na Gyeong-bok replied with a smile, “There wasn’t much talk about the coach’s return, but there was talk of winning because (Kim) Ji-han came back.”

Kim Ji-han and Na Gyeong-bok’s great success led Woori Card to advance in the 4th round. Attention is focusing on whether the two players will continue to play in the Samsung Firefight, the last game of the 4th round of Woori Card.

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