Lotte quelled Hanwha’s rising trend and escaped from a three-game losing streak.

Long-haired closer Kim Won-joong maintained a one-point lead and recorded 15 saves for the season.

With this victory, Lotte maintained a 50% win rate while making a season record of 37 wins and 36 losses.

Kim Won-joong took the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning when the team was trailing 4-3.

The process of defending Park Bing’s victory was not smooth. First, Kwon Kwang-min, who entered the plate in place of Hanwha’s lead hitter Lee Do-yoon, caught a floating ball from third baseman.

In the confrontation with the second batter, Lee Jin-young, he gave up a walk after a close battle that went all the way to 8 pitches. He struck out after Kim Tae-yeon with a 132km forkball, but Lee Jin-young advanced to second base in the meantime.

In a situation where one hit could give a tie, pitching coach Kim Hyun-wook hurriedly climbed the mound

. The opponent was Roh Si-hwan, who hit homeruns in two consecutive games and showed the climax of hitting.메이저토토사이트

Kim Won-joong, who sent Roh Si-hwan, bet on Williams. Williams turned the bat to Kim Won-joong’s second forkball and the ball went in front of the shortstop. A close match was expected due to the slow batted ball, but Williams was out with a narrow gap. Kim Won-jung, who saw this, buried his face in the glove and roared.

Coach Sutton also embraced Kim Won-joong and shared the joy of escaping from a losing streak.

After the game, coach Sutton said, “Today, the defensive side and the bullpen blocked as much as expected from the bench. In particular, Koo Seung-min took the mound in a difficult situation in the 7th inning and overcame the opponent properly until the 8th inning.” I am so happy that we won the victory as a team before moving to Busan.”

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