Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto Blue Jays), who is rehabilitating after elbow surgery, is returning smoothly.

According to a report by Canadian sports media SportsNet on the 17th (Korea Standard Time), Toronto coach John Schneider 메이저놀이터 briefed in front of local media that Ryu Hyun-jin played live pitching ahead of the away match against the Texas Rangers. “It felt good,” Schneider said.

Ryu Hyun-jin underwent elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery) on June 18 last year. Rehabilitation was expected to take 12 to 18 months at the time of surgery, and Ryu Hyun-jin focused on rehabilitation with the aim of returning in the second half of this season.

Ryu Hyun-jin accelerated his return by pitching his first bullpen on the 24th of last month. Ryu Hyun-jin, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation at a club training facility in Dunedin, Florida, is continuing his rehabilitation stage by performing live pitching a year after completing surgery.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who played his first live pitching, is expected to increase the number of innings in the future and check the condition line through a minor league appearance if he does not have pain. If there is no problem in the final inspection, Ryu Hyun-jin can take the big league mound again in the second half.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who signed a four-year, $80 million FA contract with Toronto in December 2019, has recorded 21 wins, 12 losses and a 4.07 ERA in 49 games over the past three seasons. If he succeeds in returning in the second half of this season, the last year of his contract, he will have to prove his viability in the Major League for the remaining half of the season.

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