Jose Altuve (33, Houston Astros), who suffered a side injury during batting training before the game, is expected to be able to return before August at the earliest.

The Athletic of the United States reported on the return schedule of Altuve, who was on the injured list on the 10th due to a side injury on the 10th (Korean time).

Houston’s general manager Dana Brown said through the media that Altuve is recovering quickly. But not right after the All-Star break.

The current estimate is the end of this month. Also, if rehabilitation is delayed, it is early August. Altuve is the heart of Houston’s power. It’s good that he returns in a more perfect state.

Previously, Altuve suffered pain in his left side during batting training before the game on the 4th and missed two games in a row, and was eventually placed on the injured list on the 7th.

this is very disappointing. This is because he suffered a fracture of the thumb of his right hand after being hit by a pitch during the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March.

As a result, Altuve played only 32 games in the first half of this season. This season is expected to be the season in which Altu Ve plays the fewest games outside of his debut season.

Houston ranked second in the American League West with a 50-41 win rate of 0.549 in the first half. The performance is not as good as expected, but it is a situation where it is possible to aim for the postseason.토토사이트

Therefore, it is good that Altuve, the core of the batting line, returns to a more perfect body condition. It is noteworthy whether Altuve will return at the end of this month or in August and show the same appearance as in previous years.

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