Atletico Madrid (ATM) can’t let go of Lee Kang-in, 22, of Mallorca. Even 10 million euros ($14.1 billion) was too much for them, but now they are willing to reorganize their squad to bring in the ‘Golden Boy’.

“Atletico are very fond of Lee,” said Spanish media outlet Relevo on Tuesday (April 30), “and ATM are looking to use the transfer funds to bring in new players, including Lee, through player releases.”

ATM also held talks with Mallorca last winter to sign Lee, but the deal fell through due to disagreements over the transfer fee.

The key is the transfer fee, and the squad is being trimmed for the ‘golden boy’
ATM is a powerhouse in the Spanish La Liga. In the two-powered system of Barcelona and Real Madrid, ATM was the only team that could compete. This season, they are currently in third place with one game to go. Next season, they’ll be competing in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

However, their financial situation is not as good as it could be. ATM have been interested in Lee since his days at Valencia, but they failed to sign him last winter due to his transfer fee. In the meantime, Lee’s game has blossomed. There are plenty of bidders. However, if they can meet the buyout clause, they could still sign him.

In the end, it depends on whether the buyout amount can be met. Initially, Lee’s buyout amount was said to be 30 million euros ($42.4 billion won), but recent transfer speculation has led local media to report that it was actually 18 million euros ($25.4 billion won).

While there are still various possibilities, Spain’s Super Deporte reported that “the buyout for Lee Kang-in is 30 million euros” and that “Mallorca is willing to negotiate for 20 million euros”. While nothing is clear, the reports suggest that the deal could end up being in the €20 million range, not far from €18 million.

Saul Niguez and Joffre Kondogbia are the most likely candidates for redundancy, according to the outlet. Both have seen their roles in the team significantly reduced this season and have suitors, making them ideal candidates for transfer fees. Yannick Carrasco, Axel Witsel, Alvaro Morata and other players whose contracts expire next year could also be among the targets.

Nothing is off limits, as long as you can transfer…
ATMs are a great option for Lee. They’ve been watching him for a long time, so they know what works best for him. The fact that the manager is Diego Simeone, one of the world’s best, also adds to the excitement.

For Lee, the English Premier League (EPL) 토토사이트 is an attractive option for many clubs, but he is much more comfortable in Spain, where he has grown up and played since he was a child. I don’t have to adapt to the league, and the language and environment are already very familiar.

The attacking line, anchored by La Liga’s most creative striker, Antoine Griezmann, will be a great synergy for Lee. The fact that he can play for UCL is also a big plus for him.

Lee is also known for wanting an ATM. His dissatisfaction with the team on social media last winter coincided with the collapse of the ATM move.

Madrid also has the advantage of being a large city with direct domestic flights. For Lee, who is often called up for international duty, it would be a huge advantage to be able to travel to South Korea more easily. Considering that the likes of Park Ji-sung and Ki Sung-yong have suffered from chronic knee pain due to frequent long flights, this will be a factor that cannot be ignored.

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