Massage Ogino: Which players does the new head coach of OK Financial Group see as having the most potential for growth?

Ogino is the third head coach of OK Financial Group. Ogino was a legendary player for the Sunbirds in the Nippon League, and he also played for the Japanese national team. He made a name for himself as an outside hitter.

It was the best choice for OK Financial Group, which has been struggling on the defensive end of the floor lately.

Coach Ogino said, “I thought OK Financial 안전놀이터 Group’s defense was weak. Basically, we want to train a lot on blocking and digging positions. We also try to train a lot on game situations. I think Korea lacked training on game situations, so we will focus on that,” Ogino said.

The gap between Japanese and Korean volleyball is widening. Japan’s men’s volleyball team has been competing in the Olympics and performing well in the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), but Korea is a different story. Their last Olympic appearance was in Sydney 2000, and they don’t even play in the VNL. It’s been a long time since they’ve been a powerhouse in Asia, let alone in the Olympics.

There is also a difference here. Japan’s players, men and women alike, are up for the challenge, while Korea’s players, with the exception of Kim Yeon-kyung, have never even considered playing in an overseas league.

It’s not that Ogino doesn’t think about it. In his big picture, Ogino also envisions a scenario in which OK Financial Group has to develop players for overseas leagues.

“Among Japanese players, Yuki Ishikawa and Ran Takahashi are playing in the Italian league. Korean players can also get close to that. I will pass on my experience to OK Financial Group and hope that the players’ skills will improve.”

Ogino mentioned the names of libero Cho Gook-ki and setter Lee Min-kyu, both of whom are likely to play overseas. In 298 professional matches, Cho has a 48.879% receiving efficiency and 0.91 digs per set. Her strength is her steady reception.

National team setter Lee Min-gyu has played 266 professional matches and averaged 9.928 sets per set, and at 191 centimeters tall, he is known for his blocking strengths and has a decent serve.

Coach Ogino said, “I think she’s good at serving. I’m looking forward to her receiving. I’m also looking forward to Lee Min-gyu. He’s tall and has a good toss. But I’m worried about injuries. All these are my personal opinions,” he said.

“I want to develop players who will go overseas. Korean players are more physical than Japanese players. If they can absorb the technical part well, I think they will grow into good players.”

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