The coffee truck sent by Heo Hoon, who is serving in the military, to his family team was very effective.

Suwon KT Sonicboom beat Goyang Carrot Jumpers 90-76 in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league held at Suwon KT Arena on the 27th.

Yang Hong-seok and Ha Yoon-ki, who jointly scored 38 points and led the team to victory, cited Heo Hoon’s coffee truck as the driving force behind the victory.

Prior to the match, Heo Hoon sent a coffee truck to the Ole Victorium, where Suwon KT’s training gym is located.

An official from KT said, “To be honest, Heo Hoon, who was on vacation, sent me a coffee truck saying, ‘Because I keep losing, please win’.” Heo Hoon visited the stadium that day and personally cheered for the players. 온라인카지노

Was it really because of Heo Hoon’s coffee tea effect? KT won a satisfactory victory in both content and results after a long time.

KT, who took a slight lead from the first quarter, scored a whopping 32 points in the second quarter, and at one point took a lead by 29 points and took the victory comfortably.

Yang Hong-seok laughed, saying, “Sending coffee trucks and giving direct support had a great effect” and “I hope they continue to send coffee trucks in the future.”

Ha Yoon-gi also acknowledged the effect of Heo Hoon’s coffee tea.

He said, “I thought (Huh) Hoon hyung’s fans sent it, but he said he sent it himself. Thank you. Thanks to that, the atmosphere from lunchtime was good. I think that atmosphere continued until the game.”

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