At the beginning of April, English Premier League fans may have felt sorry for a “fallen genius” at one point or another. EPL legends, journalists, managers, etc. all lamented the fall of a genius and said that he should be given a chance.

This is the story of Delhi Ali. He returned to his original club, Everton, after being released from his loan spell at Turkkiye in April.

Ali moved to Turkkiye side Besiktas on loan last season but struggled, scoring just three goals in 17 games. Injuries made his season a nightmare. Besiktas sent him back to his original club, Everton.

Back in his home country, Ali’s behavior was unbelievable. He was caught on camera drinking tear gas, and photos of him in bed with women after a birthday party were leaked.

Of course, he quickly sobered up and promised his fans that he would make a comeback after undergoing hip surgery. He smiled broadly from his hospital bed and said, “I’ll be back. I’ll be back. The surgery went well and I’m fine,” he said, adding, “Thank you to everyone who sent me messages of support.”

Prior to his fall, Ali was a member of England’s World Cup squad just five years ago. Alli won 37 caps for England between 2015 and 2019. He was previously named the PFA Young Player of the Year twice.

After moving to Tottenham in 2015, Alli showed off his talents as an attacking midfielder. In his first season, he scored 10 goals in the 토토사이트 league alone, and the following year, he scored 18 goals and was called a genius. At Tottenham, he led the attack alongside Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Christian Eriksen

Ali’s attitude in training was always controversial, as he had a “naturally lazy disposition,” and he eventually moved from Tottenham to Everton. From Everton to Besiktas and back to Everton again.

Two months later, in mid-June, there’s a club that has a headache over Dele Alli. Everton. Everton had a deal in place with Tottenham when they signed Ali.

According to The Sun, there was a “special clause” in Everton’s contract with Tottenham. This clause could make Ali a free agent again. If he plays seven more games in an Everton shirt, Tottenham will have to pay him £10 million.

According to The Sun, Everton manager Sean Dyche must decide what to do with Alli, who is struggling to regain his form after surgery. Dyche has already spoken to the player himself about his return, and he is reportedly keen to return, saying he wants to “give it my all and play for Everton”.

However, the Toffees have a problem with a special clause in the Alli deal with Tottenham. The clause states that if Alli makes 20 appearances in an Everton shirt, Everton will have to pay £10 million. With just seven more games to go, this clause will be triggered.

If Alli returns to his incredible form, like he did at Tottenham, Everton could pay Spurs $10 million, even though they are struggling financially. Otherwise, Everton will have to sell him or send him out on loan again. The problem is that other teams already know what Alli can do, so they’re unlikely to take a chance. It’s a headache for Everton.

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