Gayoung Kim and Throng are LPBA Yanggang. But if you face it, it will incline a lot. Gayoung Kim has 1 win and 4 losses. Kim Ga-young played the role of a stepping stone in the natural enemy relationship where the title of empress was embarrassing.

The two will meet in the quarterfinals of the 2023 Crown Haitai LPBA Championship on the 5th. It’s an early collision. According to his career record, Throng’s victory is expected.

Throng Piabi rose to the top of the LPBA in a short period of time. Possibly with the strongest halo, he struggled before survival and suffered a high defeat in the first round, but won three championships after reaching his first top spot in the Blue One competition in June 2021.

And in those three courses, Gayoung Kim was there.

Gayoung Kim is the empress of Pokéball. He was a world championship champion and a ‘dictator’ who held the world number 1 spot for years.

It was after the launch of the LPBA that the 3-cushion properly started, but in the last year or so, it has reached the top 3 times and won 5 crowns, dominating both stages.

However, she was exceptionally weak against Throng, who started playing billiards after marrying a Korean man.

Ga-Young Kim was the finals partner at Throng’s first summit conquest in June 2021. Gayoung Kim’s lead was expected, but Throng won 3-1 and cheered.

The Taebaek Collagen Competition in December of that year, when Throng won for the second time, was in the quarterfinals. It was a 0-2 rout by Kim Ga-young.

And this season, they lost 2-3 in the quarterfinals of the Blue One Championship, which opened, boosting Throng’s third win.

Kim Ga-young’s complete defeat. I lost in the finals, and I also lost in the semifinals and quarterfinals. You deserve to lose your confidence.

But in a big fight, it was different. SK Rent-A-Car World Championship Finals in March last year. In the ‘King of Kings’ match, where the prize money was more than three times that of the tour tournament, Gayoung Kim defeated Throng 4-1 to win her third career championship. 토토사이트

In particular, she won the final 4th and 5th sets 11:1, and in the 5th set she scored 9 consecutive hits, completely regaining her confidence.

3 months later, in the 5th set of the Blue One semi-finals, I couldn’t finish and couldn’t keep the 7:5 and lost 7:9, but it was quite different from 21 years of 2 matches and 2 losses.

Her recent record of one year is 1 win and 1 loss, and when Throng won 3 crowns, Kim Ga-young won 4 crowns, including the match against King Jung.

As he said, his first victory was ‘irrational’ as he said, but the recent victory is different from that time.

Kim Ga-young has clearly evolved this season, and Throng has been on the low side lately.

One of the reasons Gayoung Kim is weak against Throng is because she is an offensive and defensive type. Ga-Young Kim sometimes inflicted defeat by providing an infinite number of easy balls. He’s changed a lot these days, but he’s an aggressive type, so he’s still a bit like that.

Throng doesn’t play the back ball well. Because of that, they are weak in survival matches, but they don’t have a ball to hit a couple of times, so when they try to hit the ball, they all break down on their own grass.

Gayoung Kim and Throng are different in many ways. They met too early, but they must overcome each other.

The quarterfinals between the two playing ‘unknown billiards’ will be held on the 5th at 4:30 pm at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center.

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