Can a foreign pitcher, who is 181 cm tall and weighs 83 kg, become a new hero for Kiwoom as a pitcher

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“Hello. My name is Ian McKinney. Please take good care of me,” he said in Korean, saying that Korean is beautiful and gave a prepared greeting. McKinney, who left a good impression on his teammates with just a few words in Korean, told reporters, “It’s impressive that all the players are kind and show respect,” and showed his determination to quickly adapt to the house.스포츠토토

McKinney had a record of 4 wins and 1 loss and an average ERA of 4.24 in the independent league Gastonia Honey Hunters before joining Kiwoom Heroes. He showed off his confidence to the reporters, saying, “I didn’t have a brilliant career like other foreign mercenaries, but he thinks the KBO league is a good opportunity.”

McKinney’s strength is ‘precise control’. Domestic fans have a strong perception that “Foreign mercenaries are fastball pitchers”, but he has the strength of catching hitters using fastballs, curveballs, cutters and changeups.

Kiwoom wants to join the fight in the top 5 before the All-Star break. It is worth paying attention to whether the recruitment of McKinney instead of Yokishi, who has been active in the KBO for 5 years, will be a ‘God’s move’.

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