The professional baseball KBO league postseason is called ‘fall baseball.’ Because it starts in October. It is known that it originated from fans using the cheering slogan ‘Let’s play baseball in the fall’ during a time when Lotte failed to advance to the postseason for a long time.

This season’s professional baseball postseason is expected to go beyond fall baseball and become ‘winter baseball.’ This is because 90 games were canceled due to rain, including all 5 games scheduled for the 20th, which was the highest ever.

The KBO reorganized the canceled game schedule on the 29th of last month, but after that, 24 games were canceled due to fall rain. Among the games canceled on the 20th, the LG-KT game is better as it has a reserve date on the 2nd of next month, but the remaining four games do not have a reserve date and will have to be scheduled later.

As of the 20th, the team that has played the most games is Kiwoom, which uses Gocheok Sky Dome as its home stadium. Kiwoom has played 133 games and has only 11 games left. On the other hand, KIA has 24 games remaining. Mathematically, KIA has no choice but to finish the pennant race two weeks later than Kiwoom.

If we calculate the time when the regular league will be completed, it will likely be around the 20th of next month. If the wild card match begins from then, the Korean Series will only be able to start in November.

So far, the latest season in which the Korean Series was played in the KBO League was in 2020. Due to the aftermath of COVID-19, the regular season began on May 5, and the postseason opened on November 1. At that time, the first game of the Korean Series between Doosan and NC was played on November 17th, and the sixth game ended on November 24th. This year, the regular season normally started in early April, but it was delayed as more games were canceled due to torrential rain and autumn rainfall.

In addition, this year, the 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan from November 16th to 19th. This tournament, which will be played with a national team comprised of young players in their early to mid-20s, will inevitably overlap with the Korean Series due to the current KBO League schedule. If that happens, it will be impossible for players from the two teams playing the Korean Series to join the national team.스포츠토토

Ipdong, the season marking the beginning of winter, is November 8th. ‘Winter baseball’ has become inevitable. I am curious about the KBO’s strategy for ending the Korean Series before the APBC starts.

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